Atlanta Healthcare CEO Pays For Lunch For Entire Georgia School

Facebook And Twitter Live Stream Press Conference To Announce To Provide Free Lunch For All Students In America

Atlanta, Georgia – Home healthcare CEO, and nurse Barbara Almon has paid the lunch bill for all students attending Mt. Zion School in metro Atlanta, Georgia for an entire day to highlight the need for a national effort to provide a free lunch for all students in America for the entire year. Ms. Almon’s actions come as a result of her be made aware that students at the school were being denied a full meal due to the inability of their parents to provide the .40 cents to $2.65 daily for lunch. According to the Mt. Zion website, there are nearly two dozen rules and regulations regarding the students receiving a full lunch meal, which is common throughout the United States. Ms. Almon started a home healthcare business from scratch which is now a multi-million dollar business.

Ms. Almon is encouraging other business leaders to join in her effort for other local schools in metro Atlanta with the “Take A Day” initiative and pay for lunch for the entire student body for one day. The Mt. Zion school area is home to some of America’s largest and most profitable businesses such as Sugar Foods, Delta Airlines, and Southwire. According to experts on childhood hunger, 25% of American school children go to bed hungry each night and suffer from malnutrition. The dire state of children and hunger in America is further verified by the shocking email from the principal of Mt. Zion school citing the level of grinding poverty that the students live in on a daily basis.

Ms. Almon is initiating a Georgia and nationwide plan calling on all to donate $1 dollar to provide school lunches for the states K-12 students for the remainder of the year and to bring attention to the large field of 2020 candidates for the need to solve the problem immediately. The effort also calls on members of Atlanta’s massive entertainment community, consisting of some of music’s, the movie’s, and the sports world’s biggest stars to also contribute $1 dollar to the effort. Numerous media reports indicate that Hollywood greats such as Ben Affleck, Tyler Perry, and Scarlet Johannson are already involved in efforts to end hunger in America through organizations such as Feeding America.

Ms. Almon and the organizations she is working with will be presenting a blueprint that provides for all American school students receiving three free meals a day. Hallmarks of the plan include, decreased costs to parents and taxpayers, while boosting sales for American farmers and the food industry. The blueprint calls for the innovative wonder plan to initially target the cities of Detroit, Denver, and Miami in addition to the Atlanta metro area. The Detroit project will inject $750 million into the Motor City’s economy, and provide $100 million for Michigan school lunch programs. The additional projects will create over 30,000 jobs for Michigan and add an additional $5 billion to the state’s economy. The second phase targets the cities of Las Vegas, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Charlotte.

The highly tech driven model will be revealed via a live stream press conference on Twitter and Facebook in the next 10 days. Each candidate for President, including President Trump will be given a copy of the full draft on the day of the press conference.


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