CryptoKnights’ Cryptocurrency Education Business Booms Due to Rising Popularity of Crypto

CryptoKnights is Singapore’s leading Education provider for cryptocurrency. Due to the rise in popularity of crypto trading, business is booming as the company celebrates it’s 3 year anniversary

Cryptoknights is celebrating their 3rd Anniversary, which commemorates 3 challenging and wonderful years in business. This is a huge milestone for the Singapore-based cryptocurrency education business, which has a Mission to build the ecosystem to help people profit from the future of money.

Cryptoknights got its start in August 2017 when the founder Chris Long left his job as an investment banker to launch the company, after achieving success of 15% returns for personal equity portfolio and over 100% returns from cryptocurrency investments.

One of the earliest challenges Cryptoknights faced was gaining market attention and finding an effective way to deliver their content to as many students as possible.

While every business of course faces challenges, some, like Cryptoknights are fortunate enough to enjoy real successes, wins and victories too. In just 3 years, Chris has conducted cryptocurrency trading workshops for over 2,000 professionals and investors, introducing them to the world of Crypto trading and how to invest in bitcoin.

He has also built an inner circle community of 450 serious Crypto Investors that discuss about the state of the crypto market, trends and new developments of the market.

Chris Long believes in responsible investing. He advises his students to invest only 10% of their investment portfolio into cryptocurrency. Thankfully so, in the height of the crypto boom where everyone has throwing everything in, Chris’s students stayed responsible.

Chris quoted, “responsible investing is always crucial for long-term success, no matter what financial product we are talking about. As the saying goes, the market is irrational and can stay irrational longer than we can stay solvent, so we must always prepare for the worst. I’m thankful that my students listened – because now they are more than ready to enter into the next phase of a crypto season educated and equipped to profit.”

Chris added, “Just like in crypto, there are scams and there are good coins. In the education business, there are those that exploit the FOMO community, and those that build solid, grounded communities based on sound education.”

Businesses such as Cryptoknight focus not on the price of crypto or trading the ups and downs, but with the mission of bringing more awareness to the general public about the world of cryptocurrencies.

After all, crypto will only succeed after a ‘tipping point’ upon the network effect where enough people are using it.

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