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GrabzIt Website Analyzer is helping webmasters and website owners to improve the performance of their site. The tool is free to use and provides a fast SEO analysis of a website.

A new website analyser tool is helping website owners and webmasters to tackle problems a site may be facing. The new GrabzIt Website Analyzer due to its success in identifying problems has quickly gained huge exposure around the world.

The Grabzlt Website Analyzer provides important technical information on a website’s performance so a website owner or a webmaster can make important SEO changes. The tool will provide vital information that will allow any problems to be fixed and for that site to rank higher in Google search engines.

Since being launched, Grabzlt Analyzer has become one of the most recommended SEO tools of 2019. SEO experts and SEO review publications are recommending the new tool due to how easy it is to use and the powerful information it provides. It can check for speed times, performance issues, accessibility issues, and the history overview of a website.

When a spokesman for Grabzlt was asked why the tool was important, they responded in explaining too many sites are failing the Google test. “There are more than one billion websites on the Internet with thousands of new websites being launched each day. However, more than 70 percent of those websites are not ranking well due to the technical problems which can easily be fixed with our tool.”

Hiring a webmaster can be expensive, and even asking for an SEO consultant to check the speed of a website and provide information for improvements can cost on average of $100. However, thanks to the new website analyzer tool that expense can be avoided.

Those who have used Grabzlt have commented on how much money and time the tool has saved them. With the powerful information more websites are now improving in the search engines.

To learn more about the powerful free SEO tool, and to see how easy it is to use, please visit

GrabzIt was established in April 2012 and is a rapidly growing company that provides online data capture services to our many customers. After several years of extracting in some cases difficult web content for their customers they consider themselves experts in the field of data extraction.

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