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People, events and social networking are integral parts of the Real World Personal Social Cloud. Funzippy is an event website to creates, manages, schedules, and tracks events in one single platform.

The internet is an easier way for people to communicate with each other. It has made the world smaller by uniting people everywhere and anytime. This discovery has an important tool for people to be contacted and has changed its way they communicate in today’s busy world. Even people become very dependent on the internet as a way of communication in their daily lives, business, and work. The limitations of old communication tools have made the use of the internet for communication widespread throughout the world.

Funzippy is a trusted events planning website that creates, manages, schedules and tracks an event on a single platform. It believes that people, events and social networking are integral parts of the Real World Personal Social Cloud. The old big lengthy planning agenda books will soon be replaced with a modern single platform in which users can organize their personal or public events. The Platform provided by Funzippy enables people to create their upcoming events. Whether it is a party, conference, reunion, national ceremony, business delegation, and more. They can manage and schedule the time, place to attend, and the visitors who will be invited. The website’s tracking system will track all events created. It shows how many guests invited/declined, events views, ticket sold, etc. The users don’t need to search for folders in a messy filing cabinet or documents saved somewhere in computer’s folders. All of these steps will be in a single place. With Finzippy users can maintain their schedule better than ever before.

Before conducting an event, people tend to search for free event website and fill out the form with the information required before the event is published.  Funzippy is one of the best event planning websites, that users can register it for free. There are a few simple steps to register, fill the registration form with name, email address, and password. As a member users can manage and schedule their upcoming event. They can add summary of their events, add ticket, media, guests, sponsors, place to stay, parking, and many more. After completing the information required, users can preview their events before it published and share it with their private networks or public.

Aside from scheduling and managing an event, users can also search for an events nearby. Simply find a location in the ‘Fun Things To Do’ form and specify the event date. And users will find some event lists to attend.  “Don’t get bored at home, use Funzippy to find your favorite events, there are a lot of things to do near your location!” said Manager.

About Funzippy

Funzippy is an event management website. Users can creates, manages, schedules, and tracks their private or public events. FunZippy provides an extra control over user’s data security. FunZippy ensures that only users and their team can access the data and information submitted.

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