Shannon Ell Brings It With Solid Debut Album

Shannon Ell Brings It With Solid Debut Album
‘Running From Crazy’ Available Now

Shannon Ell brings it with solid debut album! Singer-songwriter Shannon Ell has been giving his all to audiences for over four decades. After so many years touring from here to there, he decided it was time to make his mark with his official debut. 2019’s Running From Crazy hits the mark as an intense, emotive ride.

“It has been said that life has a funny way of sneaking up on you just when you think everything is ok. This has certainly been the case many times in my life! The songs on Running From Crazy reflect some of the most powerful and intense moments in my life. Recording this CD has certainly been musical therapy for me. I hope my music touches your soul in some small way!” – Shannon Ell

Honest in his words and delivery, Running From Crazy is a solid record from start to finish. From the opening chords of the title track that are reminiscent to Soul Asylum to the easygoing ways of “Just So You Know” to tender moments songs like “Better Days” bring forth. Each track, a gem waiting to be discovered. Engaging from the press of play, Running From Crazy is for fans whose Spotify is full of the likes of Goo Goo Dolls and Gin Blossoms.

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Shannon Ell delivers heartfelt contemporary pop for fans of Matchbox Twenty and Train with his 2019 debut, Running from Crazy.


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