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Ecommerce is booming and as such, provides a wealth of opportunities for individuals looking to establish their next business. However, knowing where to find credible information to start the journey can be more of a challenge. eCommercery identified these limitations and are now offering a complete set of guiding resources, through their website, For those individuals who are new to the world of online commerce, eCommercery provides essential guides on the foundations of all successful online businesses. SEO, for example, is explained in clear, easy to understand language. The article presents terms such as long-tail keywords and backlinks, with detailed explanations of what they are and how they can help a website to increase their search engine rankings.

Armed with some basic knowledge of eCommerce, the budding entrepreneur now needs to focus their attention on the direction their online enterprise will take; eCommercery have it covered again. They recognize that choosing the right niche in which to operate is a crucial step in opening an online business and so they provide valuable information on making this selection.

The power of the customer is not forgotten within the planning process. For while many guides focus purely on the technical aspects, eCommercery stresses the need for understanding who the customer is and how the fledgling business will meet their needs. This theme of thought continues within the eCommercery blog. Conversion rate optimization is covered in detail, asking the reader to consider how, for example, the packaging used, or the choice of shipping companies can impact on sales. It’s pointed out that both can have a negative effect on the client experience unless the business plans done effectively from the very beginning.

For a new eCommerce business, the need to tie up money in stock can create significant cash flow problems. And that’s without the very real challenges which can come from the logistics of storage and onward shipping to customers. eCommercery recognizes these issues, and so they provide comprehensive guidance on business models in which there is no need to hold stock, such as drop shipping and print-on-demand products as two examples. While drop shipping can be a great option, finding the businesses that offer this service can be hugely time- consuming. So, eCommercery has done this work for new businesses too. On their website, they provide a complete list of drop shipping suppliers, manufacturers, and wholesalers that can be contacted today.

So now that the entrepreneur has the product, they need to let the world know that they’re open for business. While social media is, without a doubt, an essential part of any organization’s marketing strategy, it can also be challenging to get the volumes of traffic needed to achieve sales. eCommercery has addressed this problem by providing in-depth guides on getting traffic through social media, as well as discussing the options for paid advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Google in addition to influencer marketing.

It is estimated that worldwide e-commerce sales will top 3,500 billion dollars in 2019 and that this will increase to over 6,500 billion by 2023 (Statista, 2019). In a world where online sales continue to offer incredible opportunities, is the first step to financial success.

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