LEBEN CHDR: Top Congenital Heart Disease Testing Experts

Hongkong – Oct 22, 2019 – Congenital heart disease is the most common birth defect. It is the leading cause of death in newborns, infants and children under 5 years of age in China. It seriously endangers the health of children and causes enormous medical, economic and spiritual burdens on society and families. Substantial progress has been made in the diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart disease in recent decades.

Precisely speaking, there are difficulties in sharing medical knowledge and accumulating medical experience. Moreover, China has been desperately short of a simple and effective screening program for congenital heart disease that can be widely promoted. In addition, doctors in some primary hospitals have insufficient knowledge of congenital heart disease, which often leads to missed diagnosis or misdiagnosis. In minority areas in China, due to doctors are lack of knowledge and training, the screening rate of fetal congenital heart disease is less than 13%, which prevents many patients from getting early treatment.

LEBEN CHDR: Top Congenital heart disease testing experts

LEBEN CHDR has the most professional medical service team in the world. It can provide local doctors with 5:1 service for Q&A, quality control, teaching, translation, and medical assistance at 7X24 hours. It has the most fetal congenital quality doctor resources. Also, it can provide remote support for local doctors for suspected and critically-ill cases.

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Professional quality control and teaching system: the quality of ultrasound images is detected by the form of manual + robot, and software simulation training and manual teaching guidance are provided for non-standard doctors. It can help clinicians improve B-ultrasound image acquisition ability of fetal congenital heart disease quickly, improve image accuracy and fine grain, and control collection quality.

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Global consultation and emergency system: Provide medical and frame-saving high-efficiency consultation tools, solve the problems that the existing fetal disease consultation cannot see B-ultrasound images simultaneously, and provide special-demand expert consultation appointment mechanism and 3-minute-response mechanism for suspected cases and critically-ill patients.

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According to different diseases and conditions, the system can also make the best match for local doctors to professional doctors to help improve decision-making efficiency and improve hospital service capabilities. The most time-saving, labor-saving and multi-dimensional management system helps local doctors to obtain services and patient management quickly, accurately and safely, also in the meantime it will help hospitals improve management efficiency.

Case Study Sharing: LEBEN CHDR+Beijing Anzhen Hospital

Based on the functions and services of CHDR, a quality management system for fetal congenial heart disease is created for Anzhen Hospital, which covers 50 hospitals within the group. It can achieve precise preparation, quality control, training, follow-up, up-and-down referral system, medical chart consultation, patient management and desensitization reporting. The center can achieve business and data management for 50 hospitals. It also equips the head doctor with scientific research functions with special needs: such as irregular method-marking function, AI building function, data management function, accurate statistical function, medical intelligent contract design and so on.

It has solved the problem of B-ultrasound collection quality of hospitals under Anzhen Hospital Group, improved the screening accuracy and treatment ability of hospitals at all levels, realized graded diagnosis and treatment, and solved the problem of a surge in patient volume in Anzhen Hospital. It helps liberate first-rate doctors from the simple and repeated general treatment, save the first-rate doctor’s teaching time, improve the value of the first-rate doctors, and empower the general practitioner.

With the objective of aggregating medical wisdom and global shared value, the birth of LEBEN CHDR has great significance for improving the early ability to identify and diagnose congenital heart disease and improve the prognosis of patients with congenital heart disease in China.

LEBEN, a smart-contract-based collaboration platform for medical industry, technologically features “trusted data exchange” and “profound sharing knowledge”. The trusted computing technologies ensure that the data in the exchange process to be non-replicable, non-removable, and invisible so as ensure trusted data exchange among different institutions, different areas and different countries. Meanwhile, through another knowledge-calculating technology we developed, doctors can easily convert their knowledge into smart contracts for efficient learning and even provide auxiliary decisions in the process of diagnosis and treatment. This technology will help deepen shared medical knowledge. This technology will help to achieve in-depth sharing of medical knowledge. With the application and development of trusted data and the participation of all ecological parties, LEBEN will promote the rapid development of digital petroleum economy and Equalized Healthcare, benefiting billions of people.

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