Shares That Help Is Available For Victims Of Police Brutality Shares That Help Is Available For Victims Of Police Brutality announced that victims of police brutality do have legal recourse. The company made the announcement to help victims of police brutality get the justice they seek.

October 22, 2019 – made an important announcement concerning police brutality. The company stated that help is available for those who have been victimized by police brutality. The company shared that its goal is to help victims of police brutality find the lawyers they need. went on to provide additional information about police brutality. According to the company, police brutality includes malicious prosecution, false arrest, and excessive force. The company mentioned that an attorney or law firmcan explain these concepts in greater detail. The company also indicated that a list of police brutality lawyers has been posted on their website. shared that victims can make a malicious prosecution claim when their Fourteenth Amendment rights have been violated (victims must be able to prove that these rights have been violated). To win a malicious prosecution case, plaintiffs must prove that the officer against whom the allegations are made commenced a criminal proceeding, the proceeding ruled for the victim, there was no probable cause, and the proceeding was initiated with malice. went on to provide information about false arrest and excessive force. According to the company, someone making a false arrest claim must maintain that their Fourth Amendment right prohibiting unreasonable seizure has been violated. also said that “excessive force” is a subjective criteria, with “excessive” being defined according to the specific actions and events of the case. encouraged victims of police brutality to find attorneysin their state. According to the company, information on Florida police brutality attorneys is located at indicated that most law firms are glad to take these cases. The company stated that police brutality is a civil rights violation with traumatic consequences. An experienced attorney can help victims defend their civil rights and claim their rightful compensation.

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About Us closed its announcement by providing some company information. is a free service that anyone can use to find and retain legal counsel for a police brutality case. stated that it aims to help police brutality victims secure superior legal counsel for their claim. The company shared that it provides access to attorneys in every state.

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