Pickens Construction Highlights The 5 Most Destructive Elements Of Asphalt And How To Combat Them

Pickens Construction Highlights The 5 Most Destructive Elements Of Asphalt And How To Combat Them
Pickens Construction has identified the five most destructive elements of asphalt in Georgia and South Carolina. The company has discussed the impact of these hazards and outlined control or preventive measures in a blog article posted on its website.

ANDERSON, South Carolina – Pickens Construction has discussed the five most vicious “enemies” of asphalt on its website. The company has also revealed effective ways of preventing asphalt damage by all these hazards.

Pickens Construction has addressed the problem of asphalt damage in a recently published blog post on its website. The company has highlighted the five most harmful elements of asphalt construction in Anderson SC and all its service areas in Georgia. Pickens Construction starts the article by discussing all the benefits of using asphalt in road construction projects.

The company goes on to list all the preventative maintenance activities that are required to enhance the functionality and ensure the longevity of asphalt. Pickens Construction then addresses the issue of asphalt damage. According to the company, one of the most destructive elements of asphalt is direct sunlight. The ultraviolet rays produced by the sun can cause serious damage to asphalt. Sealcoating the asphalt surface every 2-3 years will help prevent this problem.

Pickens Construction has listed standing water among the most destructive elements for asphalt. Proper drainage and regular sealing of asphalt will minimize water damage. This problem can also be solved by the use of porous asphalt in construction projects. The other most destructive element for asphalt is tree fuel and oil spills. The chemicals in these elements can be very destructive. Regular asphalt cleanup and sealcoating will keep these harmful chemicals at bay. The other two most vicious enemies of asphalt are tree roots and heavy vehicles. These can be prevented through the proper installation of asphalt by qualified professionals.

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