3D Cameras Market: Global Key Players, Trends, Share, Industry Size, Growth, Opportunities, Forecast To 2025


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Global 3D Cameras Market

3D cameras are imaging devices that simulate depth of perception in images, giving them a three-dimensional feel. Images taken with 3D cameras give a similar experience as looking at objects through a pair of binoculars. When we look at objects, the difference in vision between the right and left eye, which is called binocular disparity, is what gives the feel of perception in real life. 3D cameras simulate this working by using two or more lenses to record multiple viewpoints. Combining these multiple viewpoints gives the image the perception of depth.

There are two types of 3D camera imaging, range imaging, and stereo cameras.

Range imaging uses multiple capture techniques to produce a 2D image that shows individual distance points within the scene from a specific neutral point. Range imaging is typically used for sensor devices.

A stereo camera simulates human vision by giving images depth of field. They use two or more lenses to capture multiple perception points, which are processed together to produce a 3D image. Cameras used to record 3D movies or capture images with 3D depth are stereo cameras.

The use of 3D cameras has increased in the last decade due to the popularity of 3D movies and photography (hence the increase in sales of stereo cameras), and the implementation of 3D imaging sensors (rage image sensors) in autonomous vehicles and robotics. The growth of the virtual and artificial reality device industry has further propelled the need for 3D imaging devices, allowing everyday devices like televisions and video game consoles to have 3D visuals, gesture control, etc.


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This 3D Camera market report provides insights on the volume and value of the market segmented at a global level, regional level, and company level. It represents the overall market size of 3D Cameras on a global scale, curated by analyzing historical data and by predicting future prospects.


This report provides insights on manufacturing site data, production data, capacity data, ex-factory price, and revenue and market share data of the following 3D Camera manufacturers: 

1.            Basler

2.            HP

3.            Nikon

4.            Cannon

5.            Sony

6.            Panasonic

7.            Faro Technologies

8.            Fujifilm

9.            Go pro

10.          Intel

11.          Kodak

12.          LG

13.          Samsung

This report is segmented by type of 3D cameras:

1.            Stereo Vision

2.            Time of Flight

3.            Structured Light

This report is also segmented by end-user application:

1.            Professional Camera

2.            Smartphones

3.            Tablets

4.            Computer


Regional Analysis

The report provides insights into the 3D camera market data of manufacturers and users in the following geographic regions:

1.            North America

2.            Europe

3.            China

4.            Japan

5.            Southeast Asia

6.            India


Industry News

In September 2019 messaging app company Snapchat announced the release of a 3D camera mode in their application. The mode will capture spatial detail, and the perspective will differ based on how the user positions the camera. Recipients will be able to interact with these 3D images. This 3D mode will be available only on select camera phones to start with, but recipients will be able to view 3D images irrespective of their camera type.


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