Overview of Technical Advantages of Spatial Storage Common Chain (SSCC)

The block chain overthrows the understanding of the centralization of the network society. Digital currency stirs up the innovation of the global financial system and attracts the participation of all circles of the global market. Block chain and digital currency based on block chain technology are the biggest trends at present.

We – the members of the SSCC technical team – (We may be the next Satoshi Nakamoto), believe that the next wave of bull markets in digital trading will only be worthwhile if they are supported by real, landing projects with basic technical aspects and valuation models, and that the days of storytelling air coins are over.

Ecosystem of Spatial Storage Common Chain (SSCC): Cloud Storage + 5G + Big Data + Payment + Anonymous Chat + Mall + Consumption + Mineral Pool + Global Universal + Personal Storage will gradually fall to the ground.

SSCC is expected to be the next wind vane for the block chain industry in the future.

Overview of SSCC Technology Advantages:

1. “Innovative consensus mechanism POCC”

POCC combines many advantages of POS + POC + POST such as low energy consumption, high node performance, anti-monopoly and so on. It can solve the problems of system resource waste and computing power concentration.

2. “SSCC inverted triangle ecological fission model”

Ensure rapid and continuous expansion of the user base.

3. “Bit collisions”

It is to increase the amount of money held by participants while reducing the total circulation of SSCC through the buy-back destruction mechanism to ensure the stability and value-added space of their own currency.

4. “Storage mining”

Let system participants and block chain technology believers to master the contribution of storage space and node system to redistribute mineral extraction, and reasonably control the flow of transactions.

5. “Invitation league”

Give all the BTC from the collision income back to the inviting excellent users and continuously promote the ecological development.

6. “Cross-chain transactions and wallets”

SSCC has succeeded in creating the safest, most convenient and efficient decentralized exchange, and cross-chain trading is no longer on paper. This sector is the most profitable sector in the block chain industry and will carry hundreds of millions of accounts for high-frequency trading in the near future.

7. “Full web broadcasting, super cloud disk, anonymous privacy and social networking”

SSCC system provides high-quality decentralized services for the whole network, so that more people enjoy the supreme freedom of the Internet and personal freedom.

If block chain technology is compared to building a bridge to the other side of the river, SSCC is to popularize the usefulness and value of this bridge and help people find a better and faster way to build a bridge.

It is because of the unremitting study of block chains by the unyielding technical elite that we stand on the shoulders of giants and announce the arrival of SSCC.

This time, we will break the future! This time, we will redefine freedom! Let us look forward to a beautiful world of privacy and freedom of wealth. 

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