Tool Dizer Offering Reviews and Tutorials on Specialist DIY Tools

Oakland, California – Tool Dizer, a blog ran by self-professed ‘DIY enthusiast’ John Graham has recently specified and refined the content they produce for their target market. The content on the website revolves around specialist DIY tools such as power saws, air compressors and bench grinders. There are three main types of content on their site: product reviews, tutorials and guides to help readers make the most out of their tools.

Tool Dizer is a leading DIY website not only in the US, but all over the world. What makes them different is the fact that their focus is on a select number of specialist tools as opposed to DIY in general. The result of this is that their content is a lot more detailed and in-depth than a standard DIY blog, which makes it the perfect place for consumers to research certain DIY products. They can consider all the options and, for example, compare the pros and cons of angle grinders and bench grinders, with the variety and depth of content that ensures that they are able to purchase the product that is right for them.

Currently, the content on Tool Dizer is split into two halves. One half focuses on bench grinders whilst the other is devoted to angle grinders. For both tools, the website has a breadth of content designed to inform and advise the audience, with some pieces going into detail about what factors to consider when choosing an angle grinder whilst other content looks at how bench grinders should be properly used and utilized.

Graham has made it clear that, in the long run, he hopes to expand his content range and provide information on other specialist tools; and his key to expansion is advertising related, high-quality DIY products. Tool Dizer is part of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which means that the website earns advertising revenue by linking to related Amazon products in their content.

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