Small Family Owned Business Curavita Launches Super Green Powder On To The Australian Market

Small Family Owned Business Curavita Launches Super Green Powder On To The Australian Market

Adelaide Hills based family business Curavita, has recently launched a super green powder. The name Curavita came from the Latin meaning of “Life Care”.

After researching many brands currently on the market, the founders identified that while many super green powders were full of health ingredients, many were unappealing in taste. This seemed to be a common discsssion point when reviewing social media and forum comments.

Curavita set out to create not only a healthy super green blend, but also a product that would be appealing in taste and texture. Many hours were subsequently spent testing a tasting different blends on the family kitchen bench.

The result is a blend of 12 amazing super food ingredients that is super healthy and tastes great.

While Curavita Green Boost Super Greens is not an alternative to fresh fruit and vegetables, it does provide an alternative for those looking for a more convenient and less expensive way to consume their daily greens.

A key consideration was the addiotn of tumeric and inulin to the blend. Initially this caused difficulties in achieving the taste that was desired, but the end result is a very appelaing drink. The business was keen for tumeric, a proven anti inflammatory and anti-oxidant food source (Source) and inulin a high fibre prebiotic (Source) to be part of the final blend. The holistic health benefits combined with the other ingredients has produced a balanced health product.

Curavita Super Greens explain what exactly vital super greens are, and the benefits associated with the – Curavita Green Boost Super Greens. The term super greens are entirely new, and brands have only begun to use the term, it refers to a group of green plants and vegetables, which of course both play a significant role in our health. The more familiar name would be ‘superfoods’.

Currently, Curavita can be purchased online via the Curavita store for $39.99. You can also find it on

Recommended serving suggestions are to stir two level teaspoons on super greens powder into a glass of water, sparkling water or smoothie. It can also be sprinkled on breakfast cereals and salads, or added to any dish.

At this stage the business plans to only sell their Green Boost superfood on it’s Curavita online store and Options include auto ship where the customer can subscribe and have thier green juice deliverred monthly automatically. The product is also listed on as a super green powder.

Currently R&D is also in place for new products including a beet juice powder, tumeric latte and hemp protein powders. The business also hopes to expand into the bricks and mortar retail market and is currently actively sourcing retailers.

If you would like to purchase Curavita Green Boost Super Greens, you can go online here – and browse through their range of products. You can also find the Greens Powder on Amazon. If you have any questions about Curavita contact the team today on (08) 6117 8197 or you can email for more information.


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