Genus Leasing releases latest vehicle leasing deals, including deals for Mercedes, BMW, and Citroen

As an established provider of vehicle leasing services in the UK, Genus Leasing has already acquired a lot of satisfied customers who all vouch for the service it provides. At Genus Leasing, customers know they can get the most appropriate deals for their needs, and now, Genus Leasing introduces its latest vehicle leasing deals as well, which include deals for Mercedes, BMW, and Citroen.

UNITED KINGDOM – Getting the proper financing for vehicle leasing can be a long and difficult process, as anyone who has tried it will attest. The process can be complicated, and if someone doesn’t know what to expect, they can very well get a deal that is not the right fit for their situation. But this is where the expert services of Genus Leasing come in – Genus Leasing has made the entire process of leasing a vehicle a much easier matter, and the convenience brought by the company’s service has satisfied numerous customers throughout the country.

Genus Leasing distinguishes itself from other vehicle leasing firms with its attention to detail and to each and every customer. It offers a personalised service where customers can speak to any one of Genus Leasing’s vehicle leasing experts – including its founders, Tony Davis and Alan Beckett – and get the proper recommendations for the ideal vehicle they require. The company makes sure to look at all different makes and models of vehicles, and it doesn’t stick to just one manufacturer. By doing this, it can provide its customers with more options and a more suitable deal.

Today, Genus Leasing has also released its latest list of top vehicles for lease, and the list now includes some excellent makes and models from Mercedes Benz, BMW, Citroen, and more. The list is perfect for any budget and requirement, and those who would like to view the latest deals can easily do so by visiting the Genus Leasing site.

One great lease deal now available is for the BMW 5 Series saloon, which comes with a low monthly rental rate of £317.09. The rate is the ideal fit for any customer wanting to drive around in a BMW but who finds the price of buying the vehicle too prohibitive. Another excellent deal is for the Citroen C5 Aircross SUV, now on offer for the lowest monthly rental of £205.21, whilst another brilliant deal is for the Mercedes Benz GLC Class for as little as £380.84 per month.

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Genus Leasing has always prioritised the satisfaction of its customers, and its personalised services have given customers the best lease deals according to their circumstances, needs, and financial situation. For the latest info on the cheapest and most affordable car lease deals in the United Kingdom, visit

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