UpService.Site Shows How Uptime Monitoring Saves Time and Money

How many visitors should a website get on average? That depends on the industry that the website caters to. Experts that study website data traffic say that a small-sized niche industry firm should be happy to get at least a thousand visitors a month. That’s almost 3 visitors every two hours. Or, depending on the specific market and hours of operation, it could average at 1 to 2 visitors every business hour.

To be even more accurate, visitors are not spread-out evenly every day or even every waking hour. Top load can be as much as tens of visitors during rush hours, like during the holidays. It’s vital to have a site working well on these hours under the heavy load.

To make sure that a website is running with no issues especially during critical times, and provide the best chances of securing customers among its visitors, one would think that a business just needs to check their site for possible outages at least once every hour. It seems easy enough.
In actuality, it’s a huge logistical challenge for a small business operation to monitor their website regularly. When a business operation is small, it may not be practical to allocate limited resources such as time or manpower to a time-consuming task that is not even core to its business. Website monitoring can get exponentially more difficult if the business is in a type of industry that draws in more average visitors or requires the use of multiple websites. Both scenarios require even more frequent site checking.
To answer this problem, UpService.Site is offering uptime monitoring solutions that are convenient, reliable, and affordable. Depending on the selected service package, UpService.Site can provide monitoring as often as once every minute for up to 30 websites simultaneously. UpService.Site’s monitoring system can immediately alert a business operator of any signs of website downtime or backlog via SMS or email. In such an event, UpService.Site will provide a full log report on the situation and the web hosting service can be alerted. This means that a business operator can carry on his day without having to worry about their website bogging down without his knowledge.
In this always-connected world, websites that businesses depend on must always be up and accessible by anyone at any given moment. UpService.Site makes this certain, helps clients avoid lost opportunities, and allows clients to focus more on the essentials like running their businesses.

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