Themed “Civilization Promotes Development & Smartness Illuminates Future”, the Opening Ceremony of 2019 Global Smart City Summit (Yinchuan) was successfully held at Conference Center of Ningxia Yuehai Hotel on October 17, 2019. Experts, scholars and senior elites in smart city and digital economy industry as well as representatives from overseas and domestic cities attended the Summit. Hao Yeli, Senior Consultant of China Institute for International Strategic Studies and Vice Chairman of China Institute for Innovation & Development Strategy, Zhu Lifeng, General Manager Assistant of China Electronic System Technology Co., Ltd., and Li Hongru, Standing Committee Member of Yinchuan Municipal Committee, Senior Deputy Mayor of Yinchuan Municipal Government respectively delivered an address. Jiang Zhigang, Deputy Party Secretary of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Secretary of Yinchuan Municipal Committee declared the Summit officially open.

Hao Yeli, Senior Consultant of China Institute for International Strategic Studies and Vice Chairman of China Institute for Innovation & Development Strategy opened the Main Forum of the Summit after the Opening Ceremony with a speech of “Working Together to Create a Safe and Orderly Smart City and a Bright Future for Cyberspace”. Hao Yeli mentioned in her speech that “The Belt and Road Initiative, as a long-term strategy of the country is very down to earth. It becomes a sparkling bead chain, while a new smart city is a jewel of the chain. Yinchuan is undoubtedly the most likely to be a dazzling one”. From the three aspects of urban intelligent construction, digital economy and network security, she introduced her researches in smart city and cyberspace.

Vice Mayor Li Hongru delivered a keynote speech on “Smart City Makes City More Modern, More Civilized and Better”. He introduced the progresses and achievements of Smart Yinchuan to the guests. Through continuous exploration, Yinchuan has built an integrated network, a unified portal platform and a unified supervision and command center and promoted a unified digital cloud, unified data sharing and open and unified data security. He stressed the highlights of Yinchuan Smart City Operation Command Center, the comprehensive portal platform “i Yinchuan” APP, and “1230” new model of examination and approval reform and other new technologies, as well as achievements of Internet digital economic development and construction such as Internet Plus Healthcare, Internet Plus Education and industrial Internet. Besides, he also shared the ideas and innovative features of these highlights and achievements to the participants.

The guests who participated in Main Forum includes consultants for government policy consulting and industrial planning who have been engaged in information technology and internet research for a long time, well-known scholars who are committed to the law research in Internet finance, elites who have been engaged in research and development of enterprise application support platform and cloud application support platform product, and chief technology officers in the field of smart city research. The latest researches in the field of smart city such as, industry chain model in the digital economy, innovations in the development of digital cities and data security in the era of big data were shared in Yinchuan. The guests also explored the latest applications of the digital economy to share the development of smart cities, the future of smart cities, and the cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements. In the statements and arguments, the new concepts of smart city construction were injected into Yinchuan, and the most cutting-edge digital economic innovations were also gathered in Yinchuan. The 2019 Global Smart City Summit (Yinchuan) has been a leading player who has attracted many industry elites, experts, scholars and government representatives to share their wisdoms.

During the Main Forum, several guests, including Ye Zheng, Member of Consultative Committee of PLA Strategic Planning Department, Former Director of Academy of Military Sciences PLA China and Executive Vice President of Strategic and Tactical Branch of China Association for Military Science, Tian Qingye, Deputy General Manager of China Electronic System Technology Co., Ltd., Zhou Yong, Vice Chairman of and Director of ZBJ Research Institute, Matsumiya Fumiaki, Executive Deputy General Manager of LGMAZAK, Zhang Huailin, President of Beijing Software and Information Services Exchange, and Yu Xiaoping, Director-General of Yinchuan Internet Information Bureau, had a round-table dialogue on “Internet Plus” and digital economy. As the “Internet Plus” and the digital economy booms, a series of questions have been raised: how to crack the pain points of the industry to maximize the benefits of “Internet Plus” for digital economy taking-off; how does smart city look for breakthroughs to achieve results maximizing in the superposition of policies, markets and technologies; how to make it truly serve our lives when the word smart city enters our lives……On the basis, the guests gave their own opinions and introduced latest researches and cutting-edge theories in relation to smart city and digital economy in their respective fields of industry. The compact and incisive dialogue was carried out in a heated discussion atmosphere.

In the meanwhile, a series of construction achievements of Smart Yinchuan were shown through Promotion Conference and Signing Ceremony. At the Promotion Conference, Yinchuan Investment Promotion Bureau introduced Yinchuan’s investment environment and investment promotion policy; Yinchuan Internet Information Bureau introduced the situation of Yinchuan smart city construction; Yinchuan Health Committee introduced the development of Yinchuan Internet Plus Healthcare. The innovations and the constructions made by Suzhou-Yinchuan Industrial Park, Yinchuan Silk Road Economic Park and Yinchuan Zhongguancun Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science and Technology Park in the process of building Smart Yinchuan were also shown at the Promotion Conference. Thanks to high level of civilization and smart city foundation, Yinchuan has become a hot spot for investment. Sun Shuo, General Manager of (Ningxia) and Gao Xiangying, General Manager of Haier Group (Ningxia), appreciated the investment and entrepreneurial environment created by Smart Yinchuan. They also gave a speech on it.

At the end of Promotion Conference, Yinchuan Big Data Industry Development Service Center signed a contract with (Ningxia), China Electronics Investment Holdings Limited and SF Technology Co., Ltd. Suzhou-Yinchuan Industrial Park signed a contract with Tengda Technology Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Hengan Jiaxin (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. and Chenzhuo Technology Co., Ltd. Yinchuan Zhongguancun Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science and Technology Park signed a contract with Aerospace Zhong’an (Ningxia) Technology Co., Ltd. Yinchuan Internet Information Bureau and Yinchuan Municipal Bureau of Education signed a contract with China Construction Bank Limited (Ningxia) signed a contract. Yinchuan Ethnic Affairs Commission, Yinchuan Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Yinchuan Civil Affairs Bureau signed a contract with China Construction Bank Co., Ltd. (Ningxia). The open and passionate Yinchuan welcome friends from other places to make a stop in Yinchuan, enjoy in Yinchuan, invest in Yinchuan, and build Yinchuan together

At 16:30 p.m., “Health Medical Data Application Legal Research Report” was first released at the 2019 Global Smart City Summit (Yinchuan). As the second batch of pilot cities for medical reform in China, Yinchuan, praised by the State Council, has achieved great results in deepening the reform of the medical and health system. Since 2016, Yinchuan has been adhering to the innovation-driven with the support of big data and “Internet Plus” new technologies. Relying on policy innovation, Yinchuan has explored the “Internet Plus Healthcare” service to improve people’s livelihood. In 2017, many well-known Internet medical companies such as Good Doctor and Lilac Garden settled in Yinchuan, and outstanding doctors from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places also joined in the practice of multi-sited license. Yinchuan formed an Internet Plus Healthcare enterprise cluster. Taking advantage of the Internet, domestic high-quality medical resources gather in Yinchuan. The huge medical service data is also shared in Yinchuan. With the innovations in Internet Plus Healthcare, Yinchuan Big Data Industry Development Service Center has cooperated with Ningxia Ningren Law Firm to conduct research and analysis on domestic and foreign policies, academic literature and reports, and discussed with government departments, medical institutions and related companies on relevant legal issues in medical data applications. “Health Medical Data Application Legal Research Report” will provide a certain theoretical and practical reference for the research and practice of the compliance of health medical data application in China.

After the launch of “Health Medical Data Application Legal Research Report”, the Summit held a special roundtable discussion on health medical data applications. Li Aijun, Dean, Professor and Ph.D. supervisor of Internet Financial Law Research Institute of China University of Political Science and Law and Researcher of Financial Research Center of Counselors Office of the State Council, Gu Bing, General Manager of Beijing Financial Street Insurance Broker Co., Ltd., Wang Qi, Doctor and Director of Innovation Center of PKU Healthcare IT Co., Ltd. of Peking University Founder Group, Huang Lei, Vice President, Doctor, and Senior Engineer of Hanvon and Chen Zhao, Doctor and Senior Information Security Specialist of China Electronics Data Service Co., Ltd. participated in the roundtable discussion. The guests made a statement on the application of health medical data and its legal issues, and highly valued the research and application of the “Health Medical Data Application Legal Research Report”.

Focusing on the urban development concept of “green, high-end, harmonious and livable city”, the 2019 Global Smart City Summit (Yinchuan) has opened the door of smartness to friends sharing weal and woe at home and abroad, pushing Yinchuan to a new stage of high-quality development.

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