Defender Chain got an investment from IDG and full support from Vkontakte

An increasing number of people are paying attention to the blockchain in recent years. It is predicted that by 2025, 10% of global GDP will be stored in the blockchain. Nowadays, governments, industry and academia around the world attach great importance to the use of blockchains, and relevant skills and forms are constantly emerging.

Defi will become the mainstream in the future

Every great revolution in productivity in human society is based on fundamental changes in the relationship of production. The change in the relationship between man and land produced the first industrial revolution. The second industrial revolution is the transformation of the production relationship between people, thereby generating companies. Blockchain technology is the weapon that leads all freedom and democracy. It re-divides capital and creates value for consensus, rather than accumulation and exploitation of capital.

The core view of DFE is closely related to the ideas of the Austrian School of Economics. The Austrian economics advocates freedom, rationality, voluntariness, protection of private property, and defending individual freedom, and advocates laissez-faire libertarianism and objectivism.

The remaining problems are solved, Defender Chain fully realizes overtaking of corners

Defender Chain public chain, using POST (Proof of Spacetime) consensus mechanism. It designed hierarchical multi-level chain parallel structure and consensus algorithm protocol stack. In order to ensure the security of each chain, the chain and chain security, the multiple funds are combined and sent out. In this way, once integrated, it cannot be split again. All transactions are broken down into discrete, independent, unrelated small transactions as well. It could achieve truly complete anonymous transactions.

The world’s top investment institutions invest in Defender Chain

Defender Chain’s central vision and future vision of freedom and democracy form a unique spiritual vision with support and understanding from the masses around the world. So it can get full support from Russian CIS, JP Morgan Chase, Sequoia Capital, DCM Capital’s large social networking site Vkontakte, Russian social networking company Forticom, today’s capital and more than a dozen authoritative investment institutions. Among them, IDG Capital, one of the earliest international investment institutions to enter China, currently manages the fund’s size of more than 30 billion yuan.

With the development of the times, people’s thinking is more inclined to freedom and democracy. The decentralization of the blockchain just meets the psychology of the contemporary people. In this era, the advocacy of the free and anonymous Defender Chain project has not only attracted the favor of domestic and foreign investment companies, but also set off a boom in the blockchain industry.

A few years ago, blockchain technology was synonymous with “freedom” in the geek world. Nowadays, the giants have announced their involvement in this field. Blockchain becomes one of the hottest and most eye-catching information technologies. However, there are still many unchanging but constantly adjusting rules in the evolution of the blockchain. Defender Chain appears enough subvert everything and even spike landing applications of existing technologies have emerged.

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