Russian Forest Mine cooperates with Mongolian PUA Group to achieve the world’s top mine

On October 18, 2019, Russian Forest Mine has successfully signed a contract with the Mongolian PUA Group, making the Forest Mine the world’s largest single mine. This large-scale mine in northern Russia has led the mining of encrypted digital currency such as Bitcoin into a new era. Of course, thanks to the project founder Dave Carlson, whose outstanding leadership and vision made this project a reality.

The vast layout has brought the Forest Mine into a new era. In addition to the official launch of the Forest Exchange on March 1, 2020, Dave Carlson has now launched another new project called FM, which is based on two entities. The two companies are: cryptocurrency mining operations company and mining equipment sales company.

The Forest Mine has 5 megawatts of power plant equipment, and another 50 megawatts of power plant equipment built with the Mongolian PUA Group is under construction. In 2016, Forest Mine is still focused on finding solutions for large-scale mining, such as upgrading technology, building storage facilities, and providing service clients. Now that the Forest Mine has changed its appearance, it has adopted a new model to create an FM project. At the same time, there is a new goal: democratization of mining. As a result, the Forest Mine has exploded with the team expanding from less than 10 to 135 in a few months.

The project is currently based on the mine itself issuing the forest mine token FM (Forest Token). The token has strong value support, and it holds the Mine, the world’s top mine, for the next three years. 1 FM token corresponds to 1 watt power consumption. If you need to host a 1350W power machine, you only need to buy 1350 tokens, so you only need to buy a mining machine to get FM. Enjoy one-stop hosting services, all mining revenues are owned by investors (only deducting low electricity and maintenance fees). After the mine is scrapped, investors can purchase new mining machines and the tokens can continue to be used until the third year. The three-year top mines are free of rent, which is the most attractive place for FM tokens. No matter who is the dominant digital currency in the future, investors will always have the right to rent a venue for the top mines.

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