The world’s first mobile trading public chain GEOS, will be released globally on October 28th

It is reported that the world’s first mobile trading public chain GEOS will be released on October 28th. Through improved DAG technology, GEOS can realize second-level transactions with zero commissions, and it is committed to the great mission of “promoting the popularization of blockchain applications”.

Through its powerful technology and perfect certificate model, GEOS has successfully helped organizations such as organik and lazada to achieve digital transformation, and also help community users to reduce consumption costs and truly achieve a win-win situation for both enterprises and community users.

Powerful technology and real landing, GEOS is generally optimistic about the market, looking forward to a new generation of bear market dark horse.

GEOS is the world’s first decentralized application platform for mobile trading chain network system. It can relocate the nodes of the transaction chain to mobile devices. Each additional node can add a chip to the security of the main network. The more nodes, the faster the confirmation of the transaction on the chain, and the stronger the throughput of the system. The top-level application runs directly into the intelligent engine through an open application interface and a high-speed interactive channel, so the mobile transaction chain application is in fact seamlessly integrated with the mobile transaction chain platform. The client of the mobile transaction chain is also the client of the mobile transaction chain application, and GEOS strives to provide a platform for application developers and users.

Project Introduction

GEOS’ mobile trading chain and applications are both cross-platform and can run on a variety of node devices, compatible with multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOS, IOS and Android. The participating nodes are not necessarily suitable for running on mobile terminals.

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