Reduce Time, Money and Stress Through Outsourcing IT Support

It’s ten minutes past nine on a Monday morning. The Finance Director calls you yet again to ask why his team still can’t access the accounts software. Meanwhile, you’re watching out of the window, waiting to see if your IT engineer is going to turn up for work today.

For the small business IT issues can have a significant effect on productivity. Worse still is the potential impact they can have on the client experience. If a company can’t provide the expected level of service, then clients will go elsewhere, perhaps to competitors who have realised the benefits of outsourcing their Business IT Support services to Tetrabyte.

Businesses need technology they can rely on, but the added cost of hiring a member of staff to provide IT support is often unsustainable, especially for the small business. Organisations need to remember that the cost of taking on an employee doesn’t just end with their salary. Add in National Insurance contributions and tax, holiday pay, insurance, sickness, maternity and paternity leave, and it’s no surprise that outsourcing IT support to Tetrabyte becomes very appealing.

In 2017, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) revealed that 85 per cent of recruitment decision-makers admitted that they had made a bad hire. When this is added to the fact that the average cost-per-hire in the UK is around £3,000, then that’s a potentially expensive mistake if the wrong choice is made. Getting the right person within IT is challenging to begin with. If a business is hiring someone to take responsibility for their IT services, does the recruiter have the depth of knowledge to really assess if applicants have the skills needed? Qualifications are certainly a good measure, but how about their hands-on experience? Can they apply their theoretical knowledge?

Another consideration of employing in-house technical support is that there may not even be the workload to justify that position. When IT is running smoothly, then the business is effectively paying someone to sit around and wait for something to go wrong. When there is a problem, or there is new equipment and software to install, will the technician have the necessary skill set? IT is an ever-changing environment, and so that means inhouse staff will need to continually update their skills and knowledge, often through the attendance of expensive external courses.

While these concerns must be at the forefront of any organisation needing support with their IT infrastructure, there is a simple solution; outsourcing to Tetrabyte, the UK’s leading provider of Managed IT Support, Telecoms and Services. Tetrabyte provides a wide range of services to a national client base consisting of charities, and businesses of all sizes, including accountants, solicitors and estate agents.

Importantly, Tetrabyte doesn’t outsource their IT Support to call centres; instead, they provide a business model where their team of expert engineers deal directly with clients from the very

first phone call. With just a rolling monthly contract, Tetrabyte provides its clients with the opportunity to sample the quality of the service provided by their team without a long-term commitment.

Running a business can be a challenging and expensive process. Remove the headache and cost of IT support through the professional IT Support services of Tetrabyte.

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