One of a Kind Vintage and Estate jewelry

One of a Kind Vintage and Estate jewelry

There is no better way to complete an outfit than with one of a kind jewelry. The best place to find unique jewelry is at a store that features vintage and estate pieces. Visit to find examples. Are there differences between vintage and estate jewelry? Yes, there are and here are a few tips on how to spot the best pieces.

Vintage Jewelry

Jewelry has to be thirty years old to be considered vintage. Shoppers should look at anything made before 1990. Of course, there are designers who replicate vintage pieces and they’re a great find as well. Jewelry designers started making costume jewelry in the 1930s and this jewelry is vintage today. Pieces featured imitation stones in bright colors and floral and bow broaches were in demand. Visit to view vintage pieces that are works of art.

In the 1940s, designers incorporated the style known as art deco. The style would become known as modern retro. World War II was over and people were happy during the 1950s. Jewelry became bigger and blingy. Rhinestones were larger and multi-strand beads became popular. The beads were larger than any the public had seen before. Further, lucite became a favorite of jewelry designers. Confetti lucite and embedded lucite were everywhere.

The 1960s-1980s

The 1960s brought an art deco revival. Designers incorporated larger rhinestones in one-of-kind looks. Jewelry was colorful with lots of cloisonne butterflies and dragonflies. The brief art deco revival extended to furniture and other art pieces. In the 1980s, a lot of workmanship went out of costume jewelry. Rhinestones disappeared and there was a lot of gold and silver jewelry. Designers also incorporated feathers and plastics.

Estate Jewelry

Estate jewelry is not necessarily vintage. Rather, estate jewelry means the pieces have been worn before. Many jewelry stores have estate collections. However, most of the pieces are designed to look vintage. Smart shoppers know that the word “estate” often indicates the piece is a reproduction.

Estate jewelry can be pricey whether or not the piece is a reproduction. Savvy shoppers find pieces that are one of a kind and contain beautiful stones. Interestingly, estate jewelry is classified by the time period it was made. Early Victorian estate pieces were romantic with lots of detail in the design. Additionally, colored stones became popular during this period. Edwardian pieces had elaborate designs and real gemstones were used.

Jill Alberts Jewelry is featured in a new location in Glencoe. The new store’s design features Midcentury and Hollywood Regency styles. Alberts’ jewelry is featured along with that of several other designers. The larger space serves two purposes. Alberts plans on hosting trunk shows and she’s expanding the line. The store sells antique and estate jewelry along with home decor and high-end candles.

Shoppers will be noticed in one of a kind vintage and estate pieces. Just make sure the pieces are not nicked or scratched. Likewise, try to get a certification for any real stones. Illinois residents who are ready to shop should visit Jill Alberts today.

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