Driveway Upkeep Is a Vital Component of a Home’s Appearance

Driveway Upkeep Is a Vital Component of a Home\'s Appearance

Once a concrete driveway is installed, proper maintenance can ensure it lasts as long as possible before needing to be repaired or replaced. Homeowners should make sure they inspect the driveway regularly for any issues and correct them as needed. Follow the tips here to keep your driveway in the best shape possible for as long as you can.

Work on Preventing Cracks

Homeowners should make sure they do as much as possible to prevent cracking in the first place. Some cracking can occur because of the way the concrete was poured or because it did not have enough time to cure before use. Other reasons for concrete cracking are easier to prevent. This includes heavy machinery on the driveway or tree roots growing underneath. A company like Custom Concrete INC. can help homeowners learn how to prevent cracks or fill in cracks if needed.

Seal the Driveway as Needed

Sealing the driveway is another way to prevent cracks as it helps to protect the concrete from damage. Regular sealing should be done before the concrete starts to crack. There are different types of sealers that homeowners can choose from, so it’s important for them to make sure they choose the right one for their driveway. The main two types are dry-look, which creates longer protection but doesn’t protect from stains, and wet-look, which provides more protection but needs to be reapplied more frequently.

Fill Any Cracks that Appear

Despite taking the proper preventative measures and sealing the driveway, cracks can still appear. When this happens, homeowners should have the cracks filled as quickly as possible. Very fine cracks can be filled with a resurfacing product while cracks up to 1/4 of an inch can be fixed with a sealant. Larger cracks will require professional assistance to fill properly and ensure they do not get worse.

Keep the Driveway Clean and Remove Stains

The driveway should be kept as clean as possible and any stains that do appear should be removed quickly. Homeowners have a variety of products to choose from for stain removal. It’s important to find a product that will remove the stain completely yet avoid damaging the concrete. Homeowners can find more here about cleaning the concrete or contact a professional for help.

Be Careful Around the Edges

One of the ways to damage the concrete driveway is through damage to the edges. This can happen because of the landscaping along the driveway, driving too close to the edge, or for other reasons. When the edge is damaged, homeowners can turn to a company like the one at to have it repaired quickly.

It’s important to ensure a concrete driveway looks great and is in good shape for as long as possible. This will prevent costly replacements for the driveway and ensure the homeowner’s front yard looks terrific. If your driveway has any issues, contact a professional for help restoring it today.

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