G & R Plumbing Recommends Tap Water Over Bottled Water In Cincinnati, OH

G & R Plumbing Recommends Tap Water Over Bottled Water In Cincinnati, OH
G & R Plumbing, Inc. has recommended tap water over bottled water in a blog article published on its website. The company has highlighted the many advantages of using tap water in Cincinnati, OH including affordability, purity, minimal pollution, and convenience.

Cincinnati, OHIO – G & R Plumbing, Inc. has advised the people of Cincinnati, OH to take up tap water for consumption instead of turning trio the incredibly expensive bottled water. The company has discussed the benefits of tap water in a recently published blog. 

G & R Plumbing, Inc. has approved the use of tap water in Cincinnati, OH and the rest of the country. The company has praised tap water in many words in a recent blog posted on its official website. According to G & R Plumbing, Cincinnati has no water supply problems. There is adequate clean tap water in the city and its suburbs. As such, G & R Plumbing does not see any reason why the people of Cincinnati should use bottled water instead of tap water. The company notes that tap water has very many advantages. For starters, tap water is safe to drink. G & R Plumbing actually claims that tap water is often safer to drink than most bottled water.  

G & R Plumbing has indicated that tap water is better than bottled water, noting that there are very strict federal standards for filtering and disinfecting tap water, as regulated by the EPA. Tap water must also be tested over 100 times every month for fecal-related bacteria. In the end, tap water is actually safer than most bottled water. The other advantage of tap water is that it’s very cheap. Bottled water costs about 2000 times more than tap water.  The other advantage of tap water according to G & R Plumbing is that it’s readily available. It’s all over the place. And lastly, tap water is not packaged in plastic bottles that litter and pollute the environment.

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