jxedt’s innovative mode of driving test creates a one-stop service platform

With the rapid development of China’s economy and the continuous growth of the number of motor vehicles, car driving has gradually become the basic skill needs of people’s life. With the acceleration of people’s pace of life, under the trend of time “fragmentation”, how to choose driving school registration conveniently and effectively, and how to carry out the knowledge and skill learning related to driving license examination, etc., are the problems that learners need to face and solve.

jxedt is a well-known Internet driving test service platform in China, which is dedicated to providing one-stop driving test service for users. Based on its own Internet resources and technical advantages, jxedt is an early Internet platform in the field of driving training in China. It has been deeply involved in the industry for many years. With its profound market accumulation in driving training industry, it has continuously improved its product innovation and service ability, which is highly recognized and favored by the industry and users.

Starting from helping users to solve the “pain point” of their actual needs, jxedt innovates the driving license test mode to provide users with driving test learning and training information services including online consultation of car learning, registration of driving school, practice of subject one subject four question bank, simulation test, etc., to help users improve the efficiency of driving test learning and easily test their driving license.

jxedt provides domestic general and local question banks, and launches VIP courses and other product services for users to help them learn driving test related knowledge more flexibly and effectively; online well polished videos of subject two subject three examination points, and original videos of subject one subject four theoretical knowledge, to meet the user’s “fragmented” learning needs, and realize the enhancement of content service. At the same time, the product design of jxedt is more and more humanized and convenient to enhance the user’s product use pleasure and enhance the user experience.

Besides, jxedt continuously strengthens technical innovation and model innovation, and continuously optimizes and upgrades products and services. At present, jxedt’s products have been implemented in parallel in mobile client, computer client and web page version to meet the more convenient and refined service needs of the users of learning vehicles. At the same time, through the continuous in-depth extension and extension of product and service dimensions, jxedt is committed to the full coverage of driving test demand scenarios, to meet the needs of users in all aspects related to driving test, and to help users to easily drive test.

In the future, jxedt will continue to take the driving training industry as the core driver, products and services as the foundation, promote the expansion strategy of service territory, and strive to build a one-stop driving test service platform; through orderly expansion of market layout, create greater commercial value; in order to make the user’s learning and driving test simpler and better, and at the same time, provide universal safety and civilized driving knowledge and skills to help the innovation, upgrading and development of the driving and training industry and promote civilized and safe transportation.

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