Charles Highsmith’s Footsteps In Real Estate Investments

Charles Highsmith is not the typical real estate investor that so many have come to expect. If not for his ability to look and act the part of a professional, few would guess that he is one of the most successful, ambitious, and prominent independent commercial real estate investors under 40. Charles was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth and all of his methods for garnering success didn’t come from classrooms at fancy private schools. Instead, Highsmith experienced difficult formative years as he grew up in Pacoima, California in an area that was rife with casual violence, gangs, and other criminal activity. The Los Angeles area of the early 1980s was nothing if not dangerous.

Yet, Highsmith, ever the student, still found ways to learn from the lives of those around him, gaining a can-do attitude, confidence, and mental fortitude that is in short supply today. He turned the obstacles of his life into personal challenges which he dominated, ultimately escaping a childhood of trouble into a bright adulthood. He began to apply the lessons he had learned from his difficult upbringing to business, pursuing areas of real estate that others wrote off for being too hard to learn and operating in areas that most people did not feel comfortable investing.

Changing the Paradigm of Real Estate Investments

People that know Charles Highsmith or have encountered him as a part of their business dealings understand that he is cut from a different cloth. Although he has competed with major names in real estate like Berkshire Hathaway and Marcus & Millichap,  he is also highly sought after as a high identity client by practically every major name in Las Vegas real estate he tells us he remains feverishly loyal to Jonathon Magno at Keller Williams Realty and through all this Highsmith has kept his feet on the ground and his head held high as he fought his way into the world of high stakes high risk commercial real estate.

At the age of 37, Charles Highsmith has worked his way past the low-tier real estate activities and broken ground in a market that few have entered with success: Fabulous Las Vegas. His dealings in the city have reflected his meteoric rise to prominence as Highsmith has garnered the rights to properties throughout the city. Unlike other real estate investors that worry, fret, and take every decision the board room, Highsmith goes by his instinct and experience. He doesn’t let self-doubt cloud decisions, and that has made him a very successful individual.

Present Success, Future Projects

Charles Highsmith has garnered a fair amount of real estate in the Las Vegas area both for commercial and residential purposes, including a home which overlooks Lake Las Vegas and “shares a fence” with the former Ritz Carlton. He has taken a major interest in the 18B Arts District, bidding for many properties as he looks to increase his personal holdings in the area.

However, Highsmith is smart enough to know that you can’t always go it alone and expect success. He has worked with several partners to amass multi-unit residential properties in Las Vegas, showing that he knows how to work well with others and develop a successful partnership.

The Personal Tastes of Charles Highsmith

It’s not all business all the time. Charles has taken an interest in cars (a habit he picked up from businessman and friend Jimmy Tang), remodeling and renovating the Flamingo Plaza to bring some class to the place and travelling. More than anything, though, Charles Highsmith values the time he spends with his family including his wife, Yeimi, his son, Ethan, and an exotic Persian cat named Snowball.

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