RayMing continues winning in microwave industry

RayMing has developed a brand new and advanced RF PCB to make high-frequency communication in a seamless format over the years, and it’s certainly one of the most consequential moves they have ever made as part of their essential services and products.

RayMing Technology has developed a brand new version of their RF PCB line of products, and they want as many eyes upon this development as possible as it shall have an undeniable advantage for military purposes, as well as many other service sectors that require a high degree of communication across the most difficult circumstances.

The RF PCB assembly was primarily taken up by the request of the military itself, and all its advantages are cognizant of all the consequential communication technologies at large. For instance, 5G technology is just around the corner, as well as the high-degree of satellite of military communications. This brings with itself all the necessities of high-frequency communication design. Therefore, it’s evident why the latest developments made by RayMing is just so game-changing, not just for themselves, but also for the entirety of the sector out there.

The entire RF PCB assembly was only made possible by the inclusion by Rogers 4350, Rogers 4003, the Teflon material known as RT5880, as well as a surface-mounted technology board with double-sided assembly composed fully of 250 different placements. The board has been especially made of three different layers, standard vias and a single panel for control. The final size in a cross-section format is about 8X5.75 inches squared, and there have been intense optical and x-ray inspections done upon it to an almost exceptional extent. Thus, all details bespeak details that have been a product of major developments and innovation all across the board.

RayMing is also known for stock piling materials so that they can be transferred to any of their clients at only a moments’ notice. In terms of material, the company has always engaged in the highest quality of products, including Rogers, Teflon, Arlon, Dupond, and ISOLA, which as stated before, are the keys to producing high-degree PCB materials at large.

You can find all the information about RF RCB, as developed by RayMing through this website page link: https://www.raypcb.com/rogers-pcb/                  


RayMing Technology is a dedicated and holistic electronic device designer, purchases Electronic circuit boards in a variety of definitions, as well as being an exceptional entity to have specialization on how to achieve very High-Frequency PCB. This last specific service of development and manufacturing has certainly made them a lot of revenue, which they are still continuing to an almost exceptional extent. Moreover, they are also known for making new grounds on new materials, as well as stock piling them to ensure easy and versatile delivery at any time they may want to. This has made RayMing as one of the best companies of its type out there, and it’s surely not going anywhere anytime soon.   

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