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New York – 25 October, 2019 – As executive and leadership coach, accredited by ICF (International coaching federation) and Marshall Goldsmith, Nisrine Haddad Hachem is working with successful business leaders and executives, who wish to improve their effectiveness, enhance their management style, develop their ability to influence, proceed leadership skills and achieve personal organizational goals.

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To apply all the mentioned business skills, she established her own coaching company under Lodestar Coaches, a Global Executive Coaching Consultancy that helps market-leading organizations improve retention, develop diversity strategies and support female talent.

With an estimated $166 billion annual spend on leadership development in the USA alone, organizations must transform these mission-critical programs to create real and lasting impact. High-growth organizations are focused on improving their talent, and that means enhanced programs for emerging leaders. Yet data provided by McKinsey offers a startling insight into the leadership industry: most of these leadership programs fail to create desired results.

For that purpose, Lodestar Coaches with its intensive international experiences deeply focus on the essence of the companies’ requirements to offer dedicated and customized solution both for individuals and corporate groups through a talent development strategy that can help accelerate the leadership potential of people who hold promise for an organization and its future.

As the leader of these promising individuals, CEO’s holds a significant position in the coaching process.

Coaching Transforms Lives!

“Choosing an executive coach for you as an individual is an important step in personal development,” expressed Mrs Nisrine Haddad, the Founder and CEO of Lodestar Coaches; …”The right executive coach can help you to understand yourself, change your business and personal life and become more satisfied and fulfilled than ever before.”

“We work with a wide range of issues including leadership style, personal branding, self-belief, focus, achieving success, putting things off, managing difficult relationships, understanding conflict and conflict resolution, deciding on a future path and general self-awareness”.

Lodestar’s journey started since 2006 were Mrs Haddad had decided to provide her experiences to dedicated clients willing to prepare the future and improve the efficiency of their teams.. In essence, they help businesses develop their talent pool by helping market-leading organizations improve retention, develop diversity strategies and support female talent.

“Basically”, adds Mrs Nisrine Haddad, “companies are nowadays navigating key transitions in a constantly changing and volatile business environment and thus, we focus on strengthening performance by helping people to thrive and meet the challenges posed by 21st century realities”.

In this industry, all most comprehensive and rigorous meta-analysis of professional coaching ever conducted aligns, and the results are unambiguous: Coaching in a business’s context has significant positive effects on performance and skills, well-being, coping, work attitudes, and goal-directed self-regulation.

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Based on this international recognitions and the practices, Loadstar Coaches was able to implement a full program covering all aspects from Developing Leaders – Marshall goldsmith to Women in the Workplace; through Talent acquisition, Business Advisory, Market Entry, Personal conducts; with, for example, effective coaching that could be, like good therapy, a primarily product of the connection between the coach and coachee commented Nisrine: “Recent work in the field of executive coaching with a US client indeed suggested that non-specific factors such as understanding, encouraging, and listening behaviors of the coach were better predictors of coaching effectiveness than specific factors such as the coaching methodology.”

Most of Lodestar Coaches clients are Leaders who benefit from executive business coaching with same priorities:

Board-level individuals who want support and challenge with a peer-level coach, giving them opportunity to think and plan

Leaders who are technically strong, but want to focus on enhancing and developing their leadership and people skills

High-potential “flight risk” executives you want to invest in to retain

Leaders experiencing significant stretch in their role or who are under stress

Executives promoted to a new role without the right support, struggling to adapt to change or facing project challenges

Actual future of Loadstar Coaching is bright with a high international development plans and clients from diverse areas such as Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain, France and USA and more recently Malaysia and Honk Kong/China were the coaching culture starts to a trend.

“We do executive coaching differently” precised Ms Nisrine, “and as such, the development of my companies went through partnership and synergies with influencers and experts in their field – in line with the personalized coaching tailored to client’s objectives, outcome focused, rooted in the business and delivering measurable ROI and rigorously assessed qualified coaches within the team who are professionally supervised and attend regular sessions to provide utmost reliable services.”


Loadstar has attached the services of Alexandre Katrangi as Business Advisor; an iconic Fortune 500 Board Advisor considered in 2019 as the “doyen of Franco-Arab deal makers” by the American Medias for his roles in the Middle East and particularly in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain – to provide Advisory mentorship for its large corporation clients.

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