Metal Band Salem’s Wych Signs With ONErpm

LOS ANGELES – 80’s cult heavy metal band Salem’s Wych has officially signed with ONErpm (ONE Revolution People’s Music).

Founded in 2010 by Emmanuel Zunz and Matthew Olim. ONErpm provides aggregation and distribution services on a global basis. With having a catalog of over 15,000 artists, 300 million subscribers, 1 billion streams per month, and 7 billion video plays per month, ONErpm is poised to expand Salem’s Wych and their music to more of a global audience.

Matthew Olim, currently of ONErpm, was a co-founder of CDNow and pioneer in the digital music world. CDNow was acquired by Amazon in 2000.

Salem’s Wych broke onto the music scene in 1986 with their first LP “Betrayer of Kings.” The LP was heralded by fans, and still sells for up to $400.00 each.

Salem’s Wych were of the pioneering bands mixing European metal and punk rock, who along with Metallica, Slayer, Savatage and Anthrax ushered in the thrash metal genre during the early 80’s. Salem’s Wych orginated from Michigan in 1983.

For more details and information about Salem Wych. You can visit the website to get more details about Salem Wych brand of music and all the albums he have released so far. goes live on October 27. There are current Facebook instagram and Twitter all under Salem’s Wych


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