Daeryuk Food, Serving the Best Korean Seasoned Laver to the World!

According to data compiled by the Korea Trade Statistics Promotion Institute, laver export reached US$270 million in 2014, which doubled to approximately US$520 million in 2018. The laver is now one of the most exported Korean agro-fishery products, gaining popularity outside Korea for its sweet and savory taste that once made seaweed one of the favorite side dishes in the country.

Daeryuk Food in Jangheung delivers the most delicious and fresh laver from one of the cleanest areas in Korea, under the slogan of ‘Clean Food for Healthy People.’ As a result, the company is expanding its export every year through broadening network to Russia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan.

For over two decades, Daeryuk Food has presented the best quality seasoned laver products with the strictest hygiene control from ingredients to packaging, to give trustworthy food to people. Daeryuk Food carries out strict inspections on the ingredients and hygiene production equipment in accordance with its strict rules.

Seasoned Laver from Daeryuk Food captivated the world with the addictive and savory crunchiness created by double-roasting corn-oil & salt coated laver sheets. As a result, the Seasoned Laver received awards by the Minister of SMEs and Startup, as well as by the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

Daeryuk Food also created its original ‘Shiitake Laver’ for a variety of appetite and health of customers. Topped with powdered shiitake mushroom from Jangheung, the Shiitake Laver presents clean aroma and the rich nutrition of high-quality mushrooms.

Daeryuk Food also participates in trade shows to present the best-seasoned laver products to the world. In Korea, the company will present its products at the Gwangju Food Fair 2019 (Nov. 14~17), the largest local food show in Korea, as well as in the COEX Food Week (Nov. 20~23), the largest food show ever held in Korea, to reach customers and buyers around the world.

Daeryuk Food attracted much attention from around the world, in World Food Moscow (Sep. 24~27), Taiwan International Fisheries & Seafood Show (Sep. 26~28), and the only B2B trade show on fishery and seafood products.

Followed by the China Fisheries & Seafood Exposition (Oct. 10~Nov. 1), the company will present its tasty seasoned laver products in the group exhibitions hall of FoodExpo Qazaqstan (Nov. 6~8), the largest food show held in Almaty, the economic center of the country.

A representative of Daeryuk Food commented in World Food Moscow, “My company will try its best to serve the tastiest and healthy laver to the world, as a proper leader of the Korean seaweed industry.”

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