Best Kindergarten in Hangzhou | Nothing is considered more important than a child’s welfare

Wellington College International Hangzhou always cares for the safety and wellbeing of its pupils and maintains robust child protection and safeguarding policies in their organization.

In order to ensure safety and wellbeing of every pupil in their organization, Wellington College International Hangzhou pays extra attention to their child protection and safeguarding policies. As the one of best kindergartens in Hangzhou, Wellington College International Hangzhou understands the importance of this responsibility and aims to better train its staff on child protection measures. All academic and non-academic staff undergo an annual training on safeguarding. This is a compulsory training which prepares all staff to better protect pupils at the school.

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As one of the best kindergartens in Hangzhou, recently Wellington College International Hangzhou hosted a safeguarding training program for their staff. Basia Lubaczewska, the Director of Academics (ITE) for Wellington College China, conducted the training. With over 25 years of experience in the field of education, Basia stressed upon the theme “Nothing is more important than a child’s welfare.” She revealed different aspects of child abuse and how to minimise the occurrence of such cases in an organisation.

Best Kindergarten in Hangzhou | Nothing is considered more important than a child’s welfare

The training program also underlined the responsibilities of adults in safeguarding children. More importantly, it discussed the duties of staff members in child neglect or abuse cases. According to her, adults tend to fail to initiate a proper action until he or she realises a child abuse case. Basia said that a child may be exposed to different types of abuses, and even can’t narrate the ordeal to staff. In many cases, staff have to be proactive in sensing the abuse a child might be subjected to. Once staff are fully trained in safeguarding children, they can take proper action to address the issue. This type of training tends to enhance their proficiency in handling child abuse situations.

Basia outlined four categories of abuse – neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse – and taught staff how to recognise different signs of each type of abuse.

Best Kindergarten in Hangzhou | Nothing is considered more important than a child’s welfare

Best Kindergarten in Hangzhou | Nothing is considered more important than a child’s welfare

Since many staff of Wellington College International Hangzhou contact with pupils directly on a daily basis, they are often in a good position to identify unusual behavior of pupils. However, Basia emphasised, the main responsibility for staff in safeguarding lies in recognising, responding to and reporting any signs of abuse, rather than investigating or trying to resolve a pupil’s issue.

According to Basia, staying safe is one of the key requirements of a child’s wellbeing. This is the reason why staff members should remain prepared and fully trained in safeguarding children. It is the responsibility of all staff members of an educational institution to protect children from being abused. Wellington College International Hangzhou therefore takes the right action by providing related training to its staff. Teachers are taught to recognise various signs of child abuse. There could be different types of signs that indicate a child might be exposed to or being subjected to abuse. With regular training, staff of Wellington College International Hangzhou will be able to recognise most of child abuse cases in their school scenario. They are fully committed to protecting children’s rights and maintaining a healthy school environment for pupils.

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Best Kindergarten in Hangzhou | Nothing is considered more important than a child’s welfare

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