Yang Zhiqian, a famous international artist of “great power, great craftsman, harmony and ten thousand states”

Yang Zhiqian, born in Tongzhou, Jiangsu Province in 1952, settled in Shanghai in 1979. Since childhood, he likes painting and martial arts. He has been guided by many teachers, such as Mr. Jigu and Fu Wenyan. Became a Christian in 1983. In 2005, the Chinese painting exhibition of the Sino Australian Cultural Festival won the gold medal, and in 2007, the calligraphy and painting exhibition of the Olympic Cup won the gold medal. The 2009 Huangshan cup national calligraphy and painting photography exhibition work “pine flying cloud map” and “green water and green mountain map” won the gold medal. In 2008, he won the top prize in the “top prize cup” international painting and calligraphy competition. In 2012, the 11th Shanghai international martial arts Expo men’s training and love Qiu Yuanzhen won the gold medal, and in this year’s Shanghai International Calligraphy and painting photography competition, the Chinese painting work “white cloud clear spring painting” won the gold medal.

In 2014, the maxim written in the Chinese prosperous age awakening speech published by China literature and history publishing house won the gold medal. In 2015, the latest edition of “Republic artist Ci Hai” published by contemporary art publishing house was selected as the cover of the work “calm and calm”. In 2014, four works including “Baiyun Qingquan map” and “heaven and earth share color” were selected in the fourth volume of poetry, calligraphy and painting archives issued by China Poetry, calligraphy and painting publishing house. In 2015, he was jointly awarded the lifetime achievement award of art by China National Culture Research Institute, xinhua.com and huangye.com. In 2016, some of the works were selected as national business cards, 100 modern Chinese art masters, and the work calm waves was selected as the back cover.

In 2017, six works, such as “clear spring falling in the clouds” and “love in the mountains”, were selected as international stamps. Nine famous authors of “a generation of Fangjia” published by Guoli publishing house were jointly selected by Qi Baishi, Zhang Dagan, Mo Yan, Liu Dawei, and others were selected as global classic, Asian News figures, and world knowledge pictorial. He was awarded “top ten national treasure level artists” by the calligraphy and Painting Institute of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and “literary and art representative of the 19th national congress” by the International Federation of calligraphy and painting artists of China. In 2018, he was awarded the title of “top ten masters of Centennial masters” by Centennial masters organizing committee and selected as the back cover. Selected by Huaxia literature and Art Publishing House as “Golden Award” 2019.

In, some calligraphy works, together with Yan Zhenqing, Liu Gongquan, Ouyang Xun, Liu Xiaoqing and other calligraphy masters, were selected into the eight masters of Chinese calligraphy and regular script, which were compiled by China modern literature and art society and Chinese calligraphy and Painting Academy (Beijing), and some of them were selected as theme stamps by France, Germany, Netherlands and Canada. Some of the works of “Xiangling protecting demen” were published in America and Portugal street.

Both France and Belgium were selected as thematic stamps. In 2ol9, he was invited as a visiting professor by the Academy of painting and calligraphy of Peking University.

Reclusive figure
43cm * 43cm

Understanding of life
43cm * 43cm

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