Ctrip Shares Tactics of Cultural Tourism: Trigger China’s Potential of Urban Cluster Development and Implement Closed-Loop Customer Engagement

The 2019 World Culture and Tourism Forum (WCTF)is underway in Xi’an. On the afternoon of October 24th, Xu Zhang, Deputy General Manager of Government Resources Cooperation and General Manager of Destination Marketing of Ctrip Group, delivered a keynote speech at the Theme Forums on Intelligence-Driven Destination Marketing Strategy. Zhang shared Ctrip’s skill set in cultural tourism and how it can motivate the development of China’s tourism industry in massive urban clusters.

The Chinese government promises to build 20 urbanclusters during the 13th Five-Year Plan period in the public data. Zhangbelievesthat there wasa synergy between urbancluster development and cultural tourism industry. However, challenges are also inevitable, such as hotel transformation, service upgrading and public service improvement.

After two years of trial and error, Ctrip has basically developed a duplicable strategy system regarding cultural tourism. It is a success that integratesurban clusterdevelopment and cultural tourism industry. The system includes 6 technical parameters, i.e. platform, technology, membership, traffic, products and data as well as business divisions such as bigaccommodation, bigtraffic, tourism, and entertainment.

According to Zhang, Ctrip’s strategy system consists of five parts: industrial upgrading, Uni Marketing, tourism big data, smart tourism and inbound tourism. Take industrial upgrading as an example. Ctrip can help urban cluster build closed-loop customer engagementwith its ability to integrate the whole industrial chain.

“For big traffic, we will assist local airports, bus stations and high-speed rail stations in achieving smart upgrading all together. In terms of big accommodation, Ctrip has relied upon its own hotel operation and management platform Rezen Hotels. Meanwhile, it is working with Tujia and Airbnb of China, to set standards and push forward industrial upgrading of home stay facilities in urban clusters. We hope that our joint efforts can upgrade the cultural tourism industry and make it better”, said Zhang.

Ctrip is discussing in-depth cooperation with multiple urban clusters, including Guanzhong Plain Urban Cluster, Central Plains Urban Cluster, and Chengdu-Chongqing Urban Cluster. It intends to fuel the development of tourism industry in these cities.

Zhang pointed out that Ctrip has organized quantities of cultural and tourism activities in joint efforts with Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government, Xi’an Municipal People’s Government, Department of Culture and Tourism of Shaanxi Province, and Xi’an Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism. Through these activities, the company can reach a perfect integration with the local market. All the tactics have vitalized the cultural tourism industry of Guanzhong Plain Urban Cluster.

Since the initiation of a strategic co-operation in tourism between Ctrip and Xi’an, 35.02 million Xi’an-related tourist products were consumed on Ctrip’s platform in 2018. Between January and September 2019, this number increased to 36.1 million. Ctrip is facilitating the tourism in Xi’an with offerings including high-speed rail tourism, homestays, and physical stores. In Ctrip’s content marketing sector “Travel Snap”, Xi’an landmarks such as Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum, Xi’an City Wall and Shaanxi History Museumattracted a viewership of between 10,000-20,000 people.


Cultural tourism enterprises in Xi’an Chanba Ecological District havesigned strategic cooperation agreements with Ctrip Group on October 24th. Attendees of the signing ceremony include Xiaopeng Zou, Deputy Director of the Administration Committee of Xi’an Chanba Ecological District;Wei Wang, Vice President and CEO of Government Cooperation and Offline Business of Ctrip Group; Feng Yu, Vice President of Marketing of Songcheng Performance Development Co., Ltd; and Jie Liu, General Manager of Huaxia Cultural Tourism Group Co. Ltd. Xi’an Business Division.

Co-hosted by the Xi’an Municipal People’s Government and Ctrip Group, the 2nd WCTF consists ofthe “Night of Xi’an” — Promotion Conference for Cultural Tourism, the Opening Ceremony of the 2019 WCTF, Forum on Internationalized Development of Tourism in Xi’an, a Theme Forum on Inbound Tourism Development and Signing Ceremonies for Co-operation, Theme Forums on Intelligence-Driven Destination Marketing Strategy, on Contributions of Shared Accommodation to the Global Economy, and on Development of Culture and Tourism, Yo-Yo Ma — The Bach Project in Xi’an Concert, the Ctrip Gorgeous Autumn in China — Beautiful Xi’an Autumn Tourism Festival, and the Xi’an Simple Life Festival.

These industry summits, cultural tourism and festivals are designed to maximizethe industry impact and focuson market performance. Almost 1,000 participants will attend the main events of WCTF held between October 22 to 25, including more than 100 international guests from 26 countries and regions, as well as over 200 representatives of domestic industries and enterprises, and a total of over 3,000 visitors across the entire forum.The event also captures the attention of influential media like People’s Daily Online and Xinhua News Agency. More than 400 well-known media at home and abroad are following up the conference with a viewership of more than ten million times.

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