Ctrip: Destinations with AI Creates NewModes of Smart Tourism

How does digital marketing come to the top in the Internet era? Along with new boomingtechnologies such as AI, which one is more effective in travel destination marketing?

During the Theme Forum on Intelligence-Driven Destination Marketing Strategy of the 2019 World Culture and Tourism Forum(WCTF) held on the morning of October 24th, Lin Huang, General Manager of Ctrip Intelligent Tourism, indicated his rosy outlook on the application of big data, AR, and AI in tourism sector.Huang believednew technologies would popularize smart tourism in travel destinations and bring better experience to tourists.

Huang made the speech at the 2ndWorld Culture and Tourism Forum. Co-hosted by the Xi’an Municipal People’s Government and Ctrip Group, it consists of the “Night of Xi’an” — Promotion Conference for Cultural Tourism, the Opening Ceremony of the 2019 WCTF, Forum on Internationalized Development of Tourism in Xi’an, a Theme Forum on Inbound Tourism Development and Signing Ceremonies for Co-operation, Theme Forums on Intelligence-Driven Destination Marketing Strategy, on Contributions of Shared Accommodation to the Global Economy, and on Development of Culture and Tourism, Yo-Yo Ma — The Bach Project in Xi’an Concert, the Ctrip Gorgeous Autumn in China — Beautiful Xi’an Autumn Tourism Festival, and the Xi’an Simple Life Festival. These industry summits, cultural tourism and festivals are designed to maximizethe industry impact and focuson market performance.

Marketing comes in various forms. “Big data-based digital marketingis becoming increasingly important. In the previous years, travel destinations and major scenic spots have been in hot pursuit of big data for a direct show onadvantages and disadvantages of brands, tourism products and tourist structure.” said Huang.

Data shows that Ctripenjoys unique advantages in big data. More than 300 million registered members on this platform can generate around 50 TB of data from searching, browsing and booking each day.

Since 2016, Ctrip has been exploring big data cooperation with cities like Guiyang. “Through the in-depth exploration of userbooking data, we can have a glimpse at big data with more dimensions, finer granularity and higher timeliness. WithCtrip’sbig data,a more comprehensive understanding of the operation status anddevelopment of the tourism industrycan be traced out for numerous destinations.” Huang said several provincial-level data centers wereexpected to cooperate with Ctrip this year.

In addition, big data now is aedgetool forCtripto design one-stop integrated marketing solutions. “Many Guangdong tourists prefer short trips of two to three dayswhen visiting Nanning; while those from the northern Chinawant a5- or 6-day-long trip. Big data will enable different regions to market in a more accurate and efficient way when promotingNanning tourism products and brand images.” saidHuang.

Big data is just part of the story. For destinations and scenic spots, AR and AI applications are equally promising. According to Huang, the maturing AR,compared to traditional methods, will bring tourists a differentiating experience.

Besides, artificial intelligence will target at tourists’ travel needs, which can make travel more intelligent and convenient.Now there are AI application cases in tourism industry, such as unmanned hotels.

“Technologies like big data, artificial intelligence, and AR will create a new smart tourism ecosystem. Itwill transform and upgrade the tourism industry in travel destinations.” stressedHuang Lin.

Wei Wang, Vice President and CEO of Government Cooperation and Offline Business of Ctrip Group, also stated, “The WCTF and similar activities will not only explore trends of culture and tourism integrating development, but also provide further impetus for the high-quality development oftourism industry in Xi’an.”

Almost 1,000 participants will be invited to attend the 2ndWCTF, including more than 100 international guests from 26 countries and regions, as well as over 200 representatives of domestic industries and enterprises, and a total of over 3,000 visitors across the entire forum.The event also captures the attention of influential media like People’s Daily Online and Xinhua News Agency. More than 400 well-known media at home and abroad are following up the conference with a viewership of more than ten million times.

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