Kickstarter Campaign Rolls Out Super Fun Fairy-Building Children’s Board Game

Little Acorn Games has recently introduced a fun-filled board game about fairies that will inspire strategic thinking in kids.  

Garstang-based start-up business Little Acorn Games Ltd has recently introduced its super-cool card-collecting children’s board game that will entertain the whole family time and time again. Titled “Funny Fairies”, their first board game has easy-to-understand extendable rules for 3 levels of play, making it accessible to a wide age range and encouraging strategic thinking skills in kids.

Funny Fairies is designed to be a fun card-collecting children’s game that can accommodate 2 – 4 players. The minimum age to play is 3 years old yet the game can be extended to introduce strategy and appeal to children up to age 8, making it an enjoyable game for siblings of varying ages to play together. The game revolves around a fairy world: ‘Spell practice at Fairy School is going hilariously wrong and the fairies need your help to get back to normal!’ Players must collect fairy body part cards, use the magic spell spinner and avoid the cheeky Trixie Pixies (they steal cards!) to build their fairy and win the game!

“We are excited to bring to you our new card-collecting children’s game that kids and parents will love to enjoy with each other. I thought it up for my 6-year-old daughter last Autumn and we have been enjoying it as a family ever since. Its character-based, fantasy fairy world appeals to the little ones while its spell-bound funny fairies have us sharing a good laugh together”, stated Jen Shillitoe, board-game lover, mum of two, and founder of Little Acorn Games.  

There are three levels in the game. Level 1 is the basic game, where the aim is simply to be the first player to build a normal fairy of any outfit colour combination. In Level 2, the primary aim remains the same as Level 1. However, if a player firstly builds a complete Funny Fairy, they can swap their whole board with another player; by choosing the player with the most ‘Normal Fairy’ cards, they leapfrog into the lead! In Level 3, players must build a normal fairy of a certain coloured outfit; cue laughter, tension and excitement as everyone tries to build their specific-coloured fairy whilst trying to stop others from building theirs!

“Apart from the fun factor, our game also encourages strategic thinking in children, requiring them to be aware of how the game is developing and encouraging them to think ahead to the consequences of their moves. Having this pragmatic, strategic mindset is an important life-skill to develop.  And finally, yes, we wish to instill a life-long love for amazing board games!”

“Our game has received great appreciation from our kids and their cousins, friends, friends-of-friends… everyone that’s played it has loved it! Our next step is mass production, hence the Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support would enable us to bring Funny Fairies to life for more families to enjoy, and add another exciting game to the world of modern board games.”

Funny Fairies is an eco-friendly game and will be made from recycled greyboard.

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