LKBT Global Roadshow Second Station and LKBT Product Promotion Conference-Dubai Station Ended Successfully

Hongkong – Oct 25, 2019 – From October 21st to 23rd, 2019, LKBT and LEBEN went to Dubai for a second trip to the Middle East. Amos Lang, founder of LKBT and Dr. Haogang Zhu, chief architect of LEBEN set off with other colleagues.

On October 22nd, LKBT founder Amos Lang attended the 3rd FinTech Abu Dhabi. This year’s conference brought together 5,000 influencers and innovators who are pioneering the new wave of innovation across financial services.

This third edition established FinTech Abu Dhabi as MENA’s largest FinTech festival, exploring the next frontier of financial technology and innovation. This was the meeting point for the global FinTech community in 2019, featuring many country delegations, a new global challenge format, a FinTech World Tour, the inaugural FinTech Abu Dhabi Awards for Excellence and a showcase of the world’s most promising FinTech startups and scaleups.

Figure 1 – LKBT founder Amos Lang at the 3rd FinTech Abu Dhabi

On October 23rd, LKBT product promotion conference was held at the Bulgari Resort Dubai. The attendees were LKBT founder Amos Lang, LKBT Chief Marketing Officer Evan, chief architect of LEBEN Dr. Haogang Zhu, LKBT investor’s representative, LEBEN investor’s representative and many partners of LKBT and LEBEN in Dubai.

Figure 2 – Amos Lang, founder of LKBT took a group photo with guests on the conference

On the conference, LKBT founder Amos Lang and LEBEN chief architect Dr. Haogang Zhu gave presentations on the future development of digital banking and China’s most advanced blockchain medical scene application. Furthermore, they introduced the products and future development direction of LKBT and LEBEN.

Figure 3 – Amos Lang, founder of LKBT, gave a speech on the conference

Figure 4 – Dr. Haogang Zhu, chief architect of LEBEN, gave a speech on the conference

LKBT team visited the Middle East twice after a month. LKBT is using practical actions to demonstrate to the majority of investors the significant impact of the project on a global scale. At the same time, LKBT follow-up roadshow will also be launched in the near future. The follow-up roadshow will be launched along the national top-level cooperation initiative, “Belt and Road”, which covers all regions of the world such as Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc. LKBT founder Amos Lang will personally lead the project team to travel all around the world to unveil LKBT for partners and investors around the world.

About LKBT

LKBT is the world’s first blockchain infrastructure designed specifically for data (knowledge, algorithm, computing power) trusted transactions and clearing. The goal is to clearly define the quality standards of data (knowledge, algorithms and computing power), pricing rules, transaction clearing system and system, completely solve the problems of digit (knowledge, algorithm and computing power) in transactions that are difficult to negotiate, difficult to price, difficult to calculate the billing and difficult to clear.

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LEBEN, a smart-contract-based collaboration platform for medical industry, technologically features “trusted data exchange” and “profound sharing knowledge”. The trusted computing technologies ensure that the data in the exchange process to be non-replicable, non-removable, and invisible so as ensure trusted data exchange among different institutions, different areas and different countries. Meanwhile, through another knowledge-calculating technology we developed, doctors can easily convert their knowledge into smart contracts for efficient learning and even provide auxiliary decisions in the process of diagnosis and treatment. This technology will help deepen shared medical knowledge. This technology will help to achieve in-depth sharing of medical knowledge. With the application and development of trusted data and the participation of all ecological parties, LEBEN will promote the rapid development of digital petroleum economy and Equalized Healthcare, benefiting billions of people.

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