Refusing A Multi-Million-Dollar Offer Becomes Key To Product’s Success

It’s 100% organic and instantly removes bags and dark circles from under the eyes. The breakthrough product is one of the most sought out items on the market, but did the entrepreneur make the right decision by turning down a multi-million-dollar offer?

Los Angeles, CA – October 28th, 2019 – The box office hit, ‘Joker,’ is set to become the highest-grossing rated ‘R’ movie of all time, and fans are raving about its message concerning the gap between the rich and the rest of society. And with news stories about Amazon paying $0 in taxes and loopholes which allow power-players to expand their fortunes, the divide between classes has never been wider. So, it naturally made international headlines when 25-year-old Ryan Zamo turned down a multi-million-dollar deal to sell the formula to his revolutionary organic eye cream. 

Granted, it’s an unprecedented product that has shaken-up the organic skincare industry and has giant corporations hungry for the secret. And the whirlwind success of Ryan Zamo’s revolutionary product, the Z Skin Cosmetics ‘Daytime Eye Cream,’ has caused its sales to explode like a cannon. Zamo mentioned how he created the formula at home after a long night. The eye cream is handmade, uses no chemicals whatsoever, removes bags and dark circles within seconds, and is apparently worth millions to financial buyers. “I honestly didn’t think much of my product when I created it, I just knew what I wanted it to do, and I wasn’t surprised when it did it. It took me under 15 minutes to create it,” Zamo said in his discussion with us.

The young CEO was no stranger to organic herbal remedies growing up. He was always surrounded by plant life with a father from Budapest, Hungry, and a mother who studied horticulture and plant biology. Ryan grew up, without knowing it, learning what would one day make him an international success. “I always thought they were a bit off because if I burnt myself or was itching something, they’d run after me trying to rub me down with weeds from the backyard,” the CEO explained.

Z Skin Cosmetics was created to help Ryan Zamo win his battle over acne. He said, “I honestly just started making skincare because I was tired of trying everything under the sun and seeing absolutely nothing happening to my skin.” With the help of his parents, his skin completely cleared up in just eight days. The humble CEO also mentioned, “I priced all my items affordable because I was tired of spending so much money on expensive skincare that never worked and wanted to bring my high-end product to the world to enjoy.”

When asked why he decided to turn down the offer, Zamo said “I didn’t start my company to make money, I started it to help others. And as nice as it would be to say “I sold my product for millions when I was 25-years-old and bought a mansion and a plane” that’s not what my goal is. I pride my company on the passion I put into my products and the communication I keep with my customers.”

With massive achievements already under his belt, it’s still a question of whether turning down such a big opportunity was the best idea for the young entrepreneur. Like they say, “only time can tell.” Well, its officially been five years since the article first appeared on Yahoo! News about Zamo’s decision. And now for the first time, the CEO of Z Skin Cosmetics has finally broken his silence about the outcome of his choice.

We sat down with Ryan and asked the burning question, “Was it the smartest move for your company to turn down all that money?” the now 30-year-old said without hesitation, “Absolutely. And I have not regretted it a day since. Of course, the deal was mouthwatering, but again, I didn’t start this for the money. And let me tell you, I may look like I’m still 16, and many believe I’ll be a pushover and naïve, but I didn’t make it this far by lacking business skills. And since that article was published, I’ve turned Z Skin Cosmetics into a company worth over $15 million”. Chuckling, Ryan added, “And to answer another question many people have asked me in the past; No, no, I have not raised my prices, they are still priced for the everyday consumer, and that’s how they will remain!”

And despite the avalanche of success from his organic skincare brand, including the Z Skin Cosmetics’ Daytime Eye Cream’ and every other product sold by the brand, Zamo still handcrafts every single item, the entrepreneur added, “We’ve sold almost a million units to date since launching a few years ago, and yes, every single unit has been handmade and filled by me. I enjoy it. I enjoy helping others, and most of all, I enjoy knowing I’ve helped them find a solution to their problems. That alone, to me at least, is something you can’t put a price tag on.”

His products are 100% organic, handmade, and everything is priced for the everyday consumer. With the given success of Z Skin Cosmetics, it looks this 30-year-old is doing just fine after turning down that deal five years ago.

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