What to Know About Choosing a Wedding Caterer

What to Know About Choosing a Wedding Caterer

Your friends and family are attending your wedding to see you get married to the love of your life, but it doesn’t mean they are not expecting an excellent meal as part of the big day! Gone are the days of bland wedding fare, with limited choices and dull offerings. With so many creative caterers on the market, how can you know who’s best suited to your big day? To help you limit your choices, we asked one of Baltimore’s Best Wedding Caterers, Lib’s Grill to discuss their best tips for how to choose a wedding caterer.

When is the right time to start talking to a wedding caterer?

The right time to start talking to a wedding caterer is once you’ve a solid idea of how many people you will be inviting into the wedding. The total headcount (which includes the wedding party, the bride and the groom) is the key factor in determining your catering budget, so any discussions without knowing a general headcount will be very unhelpful.

What priorities should you have when choosing a wedding caterer?

Anyone who has planned a wedding will tell you, that it’s hard to have it all! It doesn’t matter whether it is with a gourmet experience or with as many friends and family in attendance as possible. Knowing where you are comfortable cutting back, and what is a must have, will make comparing catering solutions that much simpler.

What questions should you ask wedding caterers?

  • Firstly, every couple should ask the caterer/chef what they would serve at their own wedding; as it will most likely be the most exciting and delicious wedding menu!
  • You should ask for recommendations on optimizing your menu based on the type of service you’ll be having. For instance, with buffet style meals serving large 200 person parties perhaps offering some room-temperature options would be best.
  • Ask what their servers wear. Having a professional appearing wait staff really adds to the overall guest experience.
  • Confirm that the catering team has ample staff for your event. This becomes even more important during peak wedding season when a wedding caterer may be handling multiple events in the same day.
  • If dietary restrictions are a factor, inform your wedding caterer early on and ask how they accommodate these restrictions.
  • Request a tasting! This is perhaps the most important thing you should ask a wedding caterer. Sample the service and the various courses of food to decide firsthand what you would like your guests to experience.

While the food at your wedding is certainly important, the service can make or break the guest experience – this is one place you don’t want to cut corners. A wedding caterer that is affiliated with a restaurant, such as Lib’s Grill, has staff that are thoroughly experienced in not just customer service, but staff that are well versed and certified in food safety and carrying and maneuvering heavy trays safely about a wedding venue and guests.

Request to attend an event they are catering.

So many people say they just want a tasting but that’s only one part of how to choose a wedding caterer.  Instead, couples should request to attend an event with the caterer they’re considering. You’ll get to feel the vibe and see how it looks so you’re making an educated choice for your event. Pay attention to the staff’s demeanor, their attentiveness to guests, and how they handle any bumps in the road. On the day of, you won’t be able to be at 12 tables at once, so knowing your guests are in good hands in your absence will give you one less thing to worry about on your big day.

Finally, offering your guests a spin on the “standard” wedding fare is always appreciated, but there is no need to fret over contemporary variations of your favorite foods merely to make an impression. These days there is such an emphasis placed on getting expensive food, or super gimmicky food, and it may get in the way of a fantastic experience. Don’t let your guests wedding experience suffer at the expense of the latest food fad.

Besides the food itself, your finances, the presentation of the courses, and the support staffs service, there is one factor that may go a much longer way: your gut instinct. Choose a wedding caterer you like working with, a person who understands your vision and concerns, and is generally personable. You’re inviting this individual to be a part of your big day! Make sure they are worthy of the honor.

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