Wyland Law Group Explains Ignition Interlock Limited Licenses

Wyland Law Group Explains Ignition Interlock Limited Licenses
Wyland Law Group sheds light on a new law that was passed in Pennsylvania regarding Ignition Interlock Limited Licenses. The company stated that its goal is to clear up confusion among Pennsylvania drivers.

McKees Rock, PA – October 28, 2019 – Wyland Law Group, a trusted law firm in Western Pennsylvania, provided clarification regarding recent Interlock Ignition Limited License (IILL) laws in Pennsylvania. According to the firm, these licenses allow a number of Pennsylvanians to continue driving despite having a suspended license. 

Wyland Law Group went on to provide additional information about the IILL itself. According to Wyland Law Group, the IILL allows certain drivers with a suspended license to operate a vehicle with an Interlock Ignition system. Wyland Law Group shared that this system prevents the vehicle from starting if alcohol is detected on the driver’s breath. Wyland Law Group clarified that, while DUI law in Pennsylvania is based on a minimum .08% blood alcohol, the devices themselves can detect a blood alcohol concentration of as little as .025.

Wyland Law Group stated that an IILL system costs approximately $100 to install, $100 to remove, and between $60 and $90 per month to maintain the equipment. Wyland Law Group shared that those who wish to apply for an IILL must file a petition with PennDOT via certified mail.  

Wyland Law Group shared that there are several eligibility requirements that Pennsylvania drivers must meet prior to applying for an IILL. Wyland Law Group stated that Ignition Interlock Limited Licenses are available to Pennsylvania drivers who have had their license suspended for refusal to submit to chemical testing – after having been arrested for impaired driving – and have served 6 months of a 12-month suspension or 9 months of an 18-month suspension. Wyland Law Group, also found at https://about.me/wyland, said that applicants may be denied an IILL if they are licensed to drive in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or any other state. Wyland Law Group stated that it has posted additional information regarding IILL qualifications on the company website.

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Wyland Law Group closed its announcement by providing some company information. The McKees Rocks criminal defense law firm was founded by Jacob Wyland, who spent five years working as a former Deputy District Attorney in Harrisburg, PA. Wyland Law Group specializes in the practice areas of DUI, Traffic, Criminal Defense, and Search & Seizure.

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