Opensource Runelite Client Allows Users to Revisit a 00’s Favourite

Grand Baie, Quebec – A free and user-developed online server that re-creates Runescape has generated renewed interest in what was once a world-wide popular game. For many users, RuneLite is an opportunity for a nostalgic return to a favourite from the early 2000s.

For many growing up in the 2000s, Jagex’s Runescape is among the most fondly remembered online role-playing games. The Guinness Book of World Records recognised Runescape as the largest free MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) of all time with over 200 million accounts. The popularity of the game now lives on at RuneLite, where users can find recreations of the game’s original graphics, music, and gameplay style.

This open-world online quest was originally released in 2001, three years before World of Warcraft. While its graphics have dated far more than Warcraft’s in that time, a strong community remains around this game. This community, longing for days of roaming the wilderness, going on quests, and trading at the Grand Exchange, have designed a place to revisit all these at RuneLite.

This game was an early taste of the worldwide online connectivity now taken for granted. It gave players the chance to instantly connect, chat, and compete with other players. The increasing internet speeds available as dial-up moved to broadband and its far quicker connections meant gamers could now chat and play in real-time.

In the dedication of fans to build and update RuneLite, it also taught many early lessons about technology and how they could modify and interact with it. The customisability of avatars, the ability to trade instantly with other users, and complete quests together were precursors to today’s online games. These early features influenced how many people interact online today through highly personalised accounts.

RuneLite is a regularly updated and free to use Runescape client. It can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices. On their Twitter, they regularly post details about updates and modifications to the game in the form of GIFs. They also run a Discord server for users to chat. Coding information relating to RuneLite is posted on Github and available to access there.

Alongside regularly posting updates RuneLite are also responsive to questions from users about bugs and other issues on Twitter. They are aiming to be a highly community-led and interactive online project. RuneLite are available for contact to respond to any queries with their details included below.

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