The Laced Network Revolutionizes Sneaker Resell Market with Comprehensive Online Platform

The Laced Network Revolutionizes Sneaker Resell Market with Comprehensive Online Platform
Network enables anyone to build a successful reselling business.

Scottsdale, AZ – The Laced Network is pleased to announce it is revolutionizing the sneaker resell market with a comprehensive online platform.

The Laced Network is a platform that provides sellers with all of the tools and resources they require to build capital through reselling coveted sneakers and clothing.  These tools are cultivated by pros and enable sellers to build a successful business through their user-friendly network.

“Many people try to take advantage of the resell market,” says Nathan Graville, founder of The Laced Network.  “Unfortunately, with that being said, it’s often a very difficult place to make a real profit.  It’s my goal to try to change that.”

Nathan started “The Laced Network” to help teach people how to obtain major financial gains by buying and reselling shoes and other profitable products.

“Many people don’t realize the potential that the resell market has,” Nathan says. “Sometimes it’s as easy as being in being in the right place at the right time and making one click.”

To help revolutionize the sneaker resell market, Nathan and his team are trying to educate people who are trying to break into and be successful in the business. The company even offers 1-on-1 mentoring and a variety of other features.

21-year-old Graville grew up in Gilbert, Arizona. He enjoyed basketball from a young age and had D-1 basketball scholarship offers, including several from Ivy League schools, but realized that his true passion was running his own business. It was a tough decision to choose which path to take, but the opportunity to run his own company was too good to pass up.

As an entrepreneur, Nathan is very self-confident and sure of every decision he makes. His belief in himself and his entrepreneurial spirit has helped him build a million-dollar company by the age of 20. He loves being his own boss and has absolute trust in himself to get the job done.

Another reason Nathan has been so successful at such an early age is that he’s always looking for new revenue streams. He has been mentored by some of the best and understands what it takes to be profitable in any business.

In the past six months alone, for example, The Laced Network has helped people generate millions of dollars of profit across the resell industry. Nathan also owns Laced Robotics LLC, which is a software development company. He’s also working on something that he says will “change the whole game.”

Nathan wants to get The Laced Network even more exposure. He wants others to see how his company is helping people and to see his name and his company to continue to grow and push to the forefront of the resell industry.

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About Nathan Graville

Graville feels that what sets his company apart is his never quit attitude. He’s always grinding and trying to get better at everything he does. Nathan has a passion for helping others take advantage of the resell market the same way he has. His goal is to always be better than he was the previous day. He wants to be the best, and he won’t let anyone stop him.

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