Cosmic Citizens Empower Chinese Women at UN Conference

Ms. Tianmei Chen, the founder of one of the largest woman empowerment on-line academies in China, Cosmic Citizens, spoke at the United Nations (UN), at the 2019 Conference on the Dignity of Rural Women and Social Responsibility of Global Corporations. This is the second time Tianmei made her voice heard from the UN, following the 63rd United Nations CSW Conference in March. 

On October 15th, the Summit brought together global leaders from private and public sectors to discuss and find out new solutions to help rural women and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN 2030 Agenda.

As one of the partners of the Summit, Tianmei led 12 woman Global Private Directors from various areas in China to attend the Summit at the Permanent Observer Mission of the African Union to the UN. They are Chang Liu, VP of iSnow; Jasmine Li, founder of Blue Confidant;  Litong Li founder of a leading Pet MCN, Yichun Guo, KOL, Tianzhu Chen, Fouder of IRIS Bakery; Chun Xin, Kelly Zhang, Lei Qiao, Lu Cui, Xiaoying Fei, Xiuxin Chen, and Zhuolin Huang. Now being the promising leaders, many with a root from rural areas and small cities, they consider themselves part of the Cosmo and Citizens of the world, they reaffirmed their commitment to constantly support rural women and sustainable development starting from their own industry and impact nationally and globally. They show to the world that changes can happen no matter where they came from and what they do. The main purpose is to empower and support women and further sustainable development globally. 

Photo: front row from left: Tianmei, Antoinette Ashong, Chairman of The Montessori Foundation of Ghana, Chang Liu and the Cosmic Citizens group after the Summit

In the evening, Cosmic Citizens group wore Cheongsam, a traditional Chinese silk dress to attend the Award & Charity Dinner introducing Chinese culture to the world while adding a modern artistic elegance.

Photo: Jing and her Board Members of Foundation:
 Bruce Knotts, John W. Allen, Stephen Markscheid, Dwight N. Hopkins and the guests

Due to her achievement helping thousands of women changing their lives, Tianmei was appointed as the Co-chair of Youth Leadership Committee of Global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  Foundation by Jing Zhao, Executive Chairperson of the Summit and the CEO of the Foundation.

Jing said, “During my 20 years’ international business experiences, Tianmei stands out as a powerful young leader among Chinese woman entrepreneurs and I believe in her platform empowering more and more Chinese women.”

Photo: Jing Zhao appointing Tianmei as the Co-chair of Youth Leadership Committee of the Foundation

Tianmei was born in rural central China, but it didn’t stop her from exploring the world. She said, “Cosmic Citizens aims to empower more than 100 million Chinese women to see the world and show the world a new generation of Chinese women.”

Promoting the momentum from the Summit, Cosmic Citizens kicked off their Exclusive Female Leadership Training cooperating with leading organizations and universities including Columbia University and The United States Military Academy (known as West Point in China)  in New York. 

On Oct. 13th, Tianmei taught Bilingual Public Speaking at Mudd Building in Columbia University to the group to empower them with this powerful leadership skill. Kelly, founder of EverFortune Family Office said, “I will use the power of public speaking to help more families to cultivate a long lasting legacy.” 

On Oct. 14th, with the vision to become global business leaders, the group was received warmly by Robert H. McCooey Jr., the senior Vice President of New Listings and Capital Markets of Nasdaq. He was impressed by the drive and vision of this young group of entrepreneurs.

Photo: Robert in the middle, Tianmei on the left, Jing on the right and the team at Nasdaq

On 16th, Cosmic Citizens host their Public Speaking Final and Leadership Award Dinner at the Harvard Club. Bob McCooey, the senior VP of NASDAQ and Brandon Laughren, the CIO of Laughren Family Office, and senior advisor at Gucci Janik Aleksander were invited to award each individual the Certification of Leadership due to their excellent performance. Awardee Cynthia, founder of Unlimited Future Empowerment said, “I now realize the key of public speaking for a leader is to share values instead of showing how great I am.”

This Exclusive Female Leadership Training Program is part of the Cosmic Citizens’ Global Private Director Program with an aim to help more Chinese women seeing the world while presenting the world a new generation of Chinese women. Dr Dwight N. Hopkins, professor of The University of Chicago said, “The energy you exude and the superb entrepreneurial success you exhibit are inspirational and Cosmic Citizens are the pioneers for the 21st century.”

Summit speakers, his Royal Majesty King Adedapo Aderemi the Alayemore of ldo Osun of Nigeria and singer Yeye Osun of Modakeke, Florence Trautman spoke highly of the group and they were eager to learn from Cosmic Citizens to empower women not only in China, Africa but also all over the world. Tianmei responded, “Woman empowerment is a great task. Together, we can make greater changes happen, leaving no one behind.”

About Cosmic Citizens:  

COSMIC CITIZENS is one of the largest platforms focusing on teaching and incubating self-growth and empowerment for Chinese women. It aims to help more Chinese women to be more confident and global-oriented with a fast growing global e-community where they can learn, empower and grow together globally. It is currently influencing women in more than 14 countries.


About Tianmei Chen:

Mei (Tianmei) is a passionate public speaker, an empowerment coach and a creative individual with an international outlook. She was the first Chinese woman entrepreneur selected as a Chevening Scholar by the UK Government. 

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