Dr. Cadili’s Establishes Natural Medical Aesthetic School in Regina, Saskatchewan

This school focuses on teaching students the studies of medical aesthetics operations towards the face and body.

October 30, 2019 – Dr. Cadili has established the first medical aesthetics school in Saskatchewan. This school focuses on teaching students the studies of medical aesthetics operations towards the face and body. This establishment has a comprehensive six-week program to get students qualified and into the medical clinics in Canada.

According to Dr. Cadili this particular Medical Aesthetic program can be of use to many different people, those interested in pursuing a career in medical aesthetics, those interested in other medical fields, as well as people unsure of what they want to choose, but want a foundation of medical aesthetics, with the proper recourses and skills needed for many careers. With medical aesthetics training, students are able to work under Canadian doctors who have completed the required training. Taking a course such as this can open many different doors for students.

Dr. Cadili says the first four weeks of this course is completely online and provide theory lectures of medical aesthetics. After those four weeks, students then go to the clinic to work with and practice what they have learned in a medical grad aesthetics lab, with all the state of the art, required equipment. The program, located at The School of Natural Medical Aesthetics is designed for students to start working right away, upon completion of the course, with medical aesthetics. This program is entirely comprehensive and teaches the student everything they need to know to begin a successful career in the medical aesthetics field, with both theory and hands-on experience.

Dr. Ali Cadili’s program is unique to the Saskatchewan area, as most programs similar to this are designed to be completed over a nine to ten-month period. At The School of Natural Medical Aesthetics, this course is done over a six-week period, cutting the learning period almost in half. Student’s get top of the line education, in a shorter amount of time, meaning you’re out and working as soon as possible. This program is suitable for anyone looking to pursue a career in medical aesthetics, to either work full time or part-time in the industry. This course can also be a benefit for those looking for experience working in the medical profession and working with patients before moving on to medical school. In this course, you will learn things such as skin resurfacing treatments, anti-aging techniques, hair removal, scar removal, body contouring, and more. The School of Natural Medical Aesthetics also has financing options, as well as a Post-Secondary Scholarship worth $500.00, to make attending, and learning this course that one step easier.

There are two courses to choose from at the medical esthetic school, one being the Medical Esthetician Course, which teaches things such as Laser Hair Removal, Skin Resurfacing, Anti-Aging Treatments, etc. The other course offered at the school is The Botox and Dermal Filler Course. The Botox and Dermal Filler course is a two-day course, that teaches how Botox, Neuromuscular modifiers and dermal fillers work! This course is designed for nurses and doctors looking to diversify their workload!

You can find more information on the school’s website, naturalmedicalaesthetics.ca. There you can find cost, some testimonials, and course start dates, as well as apply directly!

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