The first Chinese “Swedish world peace prize” Teo Choo Guan visited Guangzhou

Winner of the Swedish world peace prize, Teo Choo Guan

On October 16, 2019, the first Chinese winner of the “Swedish world peace prize”, Teo Choo Guan of WAKi international group, together with six people, visited Guangzhou and delivered a speech on the theme of “world peace and enterprise development”.

Teo Choo Guan led WAKi international group to win the “Swedish world peace prize” for his continuous promotion of religious and charitable activities and the concept of mutual respect, becoming the first Chinese entrepreneur and enterprise to receive this award.

Teo Choo Guan gave a speech on the theme of world peace and enterprise development. The core concept of equality and symbiosis of all living things, which is derived from the Buddhist doctrine, has also benefited Teo Choo Guan a lot from the aspects of entrepreneurship, management and expansion of the enterprise, and also from the implementation of the enterprise philosophy of “mutual respect and mutual sharing”. 

Winner of the Swedish world peace prize, Teo Choo Guan

Teo Choo Guan pointed out in the speech “world peace and enterprise development” that he had a deep understanding of mutual respect and tolerance among different ethnic groups since childhood. He deeply understands that to communicate with others, especially people of other races and other countries, one must integrate their culture, religion and customs.

Teo Choo Guan, winner of the Swedish world peace prize, and senior management of WAKi group

“Mutual respect for the different between you and me, mutual sharing of the different between you and me, mutual concern for the peace of the world”, this is Teo Choo Guan in the business, engaged in social humanitarian charity activities in the life process, constantly adhere to the core concept, but also in his life the most profound feeling. 

Teo Choo Guan, winner of the Swedish world peace prize, came to Guangzhou

Swedish world peace prize winner Teo Choo Guan and his WAKi international group

From Teo Choo Guan speech, let us know more about how to learn to be a person with great love and feelings. As a Chinese, the spirit of patriotism firmly rooted in our hearts, the spirit of patriotism feelings is full with our strength. While promoting the great spirit of patriotism, we also need to sincerely respect the culture, religion and customs of other races and eventually win their respect and tolerance. 

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