The Cypriot Producer, Ramon, Releases Its New Album, Faulted Aura – a Perfect Example of Modern Electronic Music

Ramon is a Music Producer Based in North Cyprus Who Has Recently Released His Album, Faulted Aura – a Collection of Modern and Polished Songs From Diverse Genre – Belonging to the Category of Dance or Electronic Music.

Famagusta, Cyprus – Faulted Aura is a dance and electronic music album produced and released by Murat Umar, also commonly recognized as Ramon. The album covers a wide range of genres from trap to dubstep, to Moombahton, to other forms of EDM. All of these genres are dance electronic music but emerged across the timeline of the 20th and 21st Century at different geographical spaces.

Faulted Aura, in this regard, is an album that amalgamates all these genres giving a soothing and enriching feeling to the listeners. The mix is so incredibly polished and produced that it stands out alone manifesting its clarity and depth. Such melodic thirty (30) minutes music of mostly hyps, uptempo trap, future bass, dubstep, and moombahton records gives you relaxing and energetic vibes, simultaneously.

Murat Umar, also known as Ramon, is a talented music producer and/or DJ based in North Cyprus, who is deeply inspired by world-class music producers like Skrillex and Diplo. His album, Faulted Aura, a project with a deep understanding of diversity and nocturnal tunes, is a manifestation of his work, passion, and vision.

His music is generally punchy and dynamic with beautiful knotting of diverse genres. His vision is very flexible and his songs give space to listeners to experience diverse vibes. Ramon skillfully handles the songs and weaves the fabric of electronic music, such that it compels its listeners to sing along the songs.

Faulted Aura is an ambitious project in which every song (enlisted in the above picture) poses a world within itself while also perfectly synchronizing with other songs. The low end of the music is punchy, while the mid-range is warm, but never harsh. In addition to that, the top end has a nice, silky tone that contributes to a smooth sounding mix, putting the lead melodies at the forefront. Tracks like “The Path of Heaven” and “Bam Bam” give rise to ethereal psychedelic in a playful fabric of electronics such that to luxuriate in warm and soothing tones and bubbling textures.

The album renders a perfect experience of the pure pleasure of living the moment, to the listeners. “Uncrashable Life” featuring Altan Cancer is the only vocal track that slowly builds alongside the singer’s voice rendering a very beautiful piece of music. The rest of the pieces of the album are sophisticated, perfectly woven in the threads of complex yet comforting melodies and rhythms, leaving enough space so that the listener always feels like they are levitating. Hence, the album “Faulted Aura” reflects creative and experimental energy with varying genres of Ramon. The production of such an album is surely an accomplishment in itself.

It is recommended to all fans of electronic music to listen to Ramon’s recently released album, Faulted Aura.

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