Accumulated momentum and combustion mechanism accelerate HTDF’s pace of global community ecology expansion

Orient Walt (HTDF) is a public chain open to the whole world. With blockchain technology as the core, HTDF has landed many application scenarios for multi-faceted and multi-angle integration. The characteristics of blockchain technology are used to solve the problems that cannot be solved in traditional networks. Based on analysis of the existing problems in blockchain, a unique integrated solution can be proposed.

Since the germination of the project in July 2018, it has undergone several structural adjustments, and dozens of project roadshows have been carried out globally. The project has been applied in many ecological scenarios, with the number of global community users exceeding 500,000. As the only value token of Orient Walt, HTDF was launched on Hetbi Exchange in June 2019 with a market circulation of 50 million pieces and a total market value of RMB821 million. It has become a rising star in blockchain industry.


As we all know, the total quantity of HTDF tokens is 1 billion, of which 500 million have been put in the form of gifts into the early community construction as project propulsion fuel. At present, with the expansion of HTDF global community, the community ecological consensus has been formed.

In order to better build and realize the 2020 business blueprint and route planning, establish the scarcity of HTDF token, and shape the economy system of HTDF value token, HTDF officially launched the token combustion mechanism in September 2019, after it was approved by the global ecological node voting. Before March 1, 2020, the public chain will burn and destroy about 900 million HTDF (including but not limited to the HTDF locked and unreleased by users, and the HTDF held by Foundations, etc.)


The tokens combusted in the HTDF economic ecology are limited to the uncirculated parts such as locked assets and foundation positions, and this part of assets that will be circulated in the market will be permanently removed from circulation after being combusted based on a certain proportion. The number of HTDF in the future market circulation will be greatly reduced.

The value of tokens in the hands of HTDF holders will continue to increase, and the stability of the global community and the ecological construction of tokens will continue to enhance, giving investors more incentives to hold tokens and making the price of tokens promising, thus maintaining the healthy development of community ecology. In general, the launch of the combustion mechanism is an important positive policy for both the long-term development of the project and the vital interests of users.


So far, the global community consensus on the combustion mechanism has been reached for more than a month and has been officially announced globally today. HTDF’s combustion mechanism will help further improve the community ecosystem. The implementation of the combustion mechanism is a milestone for the advancement of HTDF ecosystem, which helps HTDF to build and implement the 2020 business blueprint and route planning, and establish more community innovation agreements, models and development paths.

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