Report on the trend for blockchain 2019 | Professor Gong Yan & Daling Research released the valuation modeling framework on industry blockchain for the first time

October 31st, 2019 – Professor Gong Yan from CEIBS and Daling Research jointly deliver “Report on the trend for blockchain 2019”, a professional, authoritative and objective report for the blockchain industry. Apart from what we used to do, this year, many elites from different industries join us to write the report, including Mr. Kong Jianping, founder of Canaan Blockchain, Ms Wu Ting, founder of Jiabin University, Mr. Wang Yuehua, co-founder of Deding Innovation Fund, Mr. Guo Yuhang, Chairman of Research Center of Blockchain Application of China and CEO of Xinhe Capital, Mr. Jiang Dingfeng, co-founder of Center of Asian Pacific blockchain, William Zhu, founder of BitBlueChip& Director of Research Center of Blockchain Application of China and Mr. Deng Huan, co-founder of Bai Maohui

This upcoming report, under the spirit of “Ready to take off since the emergence of giants” and with the keynote on development of the industry blockchain, provides both an overview and a forecast of the trend for the blockchain industry during the period between 2019 and 2020 and sheds light on the valuation of prospective industry blockchain projects given the current trend for reference. It is Daling Research that both pioneered the rating criteria and model on innovative capacity in May 2018 and valuation model on industry blockchain in October 2019.

What makes Daling Research focus on the trend? It is due to the fact that the trend in development brings increments in the crypto-asset industry, increments that will set a new complexion on the industrial changes regardless of resources, capital, web traffic and market.

Compared to the first report on the trend issued by Daling Research on 31st October, 2018, this year’s report has three outstanding features:

Firstly, this year’s report has witnessed and recorded the historical moments for the blockchain industry: capital giants have rushed to participate despite the arduous journey for the industry. Daling Research has captured the turning point where the industry is ready to take off since the emergence of giants in 2019 and presented the layout, union and revitalization of the blockchain technology via massive data, images and texts.

Secondly, this year’s report, for the first time, proposed the valuation models on the blockchain projects given the current trend. As is known to us, every mature industry has its valuation methods. This year’s report provides a bird’s eye-view on an objective and unbiased valuation system for the blockchain project. The subject matter for real value investment and helpful tips for investors, institutions and users could be found in this year’s report.

The industry has been far from mature since the release of the report on trend in blockchain 2018 and the uncertainty of the values on many emerging projects made valuation impossible. However, this year during the process of tracking the launch of blockchain technology, Daling Research found out this very technology had permeated every industry and that many technological frames and business models with new concepts had occurred. Given these benefits, Daling Research could make evaluations on blockchain projects from a new angle and both time and market will have the final say.

Thirdly, the birth year of the industry blockchain. The blockchain technology has integrated with the Internet infrastructure, which in turn facilitates the development of the industry blockchain. Blockchain will gradually become the cornerstone of “value Internet” in areas including IOT, finance, agriculture, medical care, certificates and data storage.

Many countries have started to embrace the blockchain technology, blaze trails in the international industries and compete for the high ground in the latest industrial innovation. The chemistry between blockchain and LOT starts to click. The progress in industrial robots and cars, though rapid, is impalpable to us.

Report on the trend for blockchain 2019 will be released on online media platforms including the Facebook account : Res Daling, Twitter: Daling Research, Wechat official account for Daling Research, Mars Finance, Golden Finance and Lian Dede on 31st October. Feel free to download and read the report. To make the blockchain industry a success, we shall broaden our perception and make knowledge and data related to the industry not only transparent but also comprehensible to the public. 

Introduction to Daling Research:

Daling Research is a consulting institution for the global blockchain (the official website:, the majority of whose core members went to international prestigious universities and played a role in the standard setting for the blockchain technology industry, a project organized by the NDRC and led by the Key Laboratory in the Ministry of Engineer and Information Technology. It is Daling Research that both pioneered the rating criteria and model on innovative capacity in May 2018 and valuation model on industry blockchain in October 2019.

Daling Research published over 100 reports on the blockchain industry including “Top 50 in the innovation of global blockchain 2018”, “Report on the trend for blockchain 2018”, “Report on global currency system and stable currency” and “Blockchain — lifesaver for agricultural supply chain?”

So far, Daling Research has provided to enterprises including ContentBox, SERO, DxChain, Hopex, BitNasdaq, A Va Ti Na, several listed firm in HongKong, several airplane firm and Nanlin Environment a complete set of service: market brand positioning, law and risk management, technological plans and solutions and resource sharing.

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