Global Developer Technology Innovation Forum and ETF Global Launching Ceremony in Macao concluded successfully

The Global Developer Technology Innovation Forum and the ETF Global Launching Meeting came to a successfully end in Macao on October 28, which hosted by YunZun Group, total naming by the ETF and co-hosted by Xiha Finance, All-in Institute, Future Finance and WWW.ONE.TOP.

With the upcoming release of ETH2.0, many blockchain enthusiasts around the world are following ETH2.0 closely. With a new mode of thinking, ETH2.0 introduces us the opportunities and challenges brought by ETH2.0, helps us to understand the changes and significance of the whole blockchain after the upgrading of Ethereum 2.0. and increases the confidence of practitioners in the blockchain industry. The meeting was attended by more than 1,000 guests, including national dignitaries, blockchain bigwigs, investment banking elites and well-known media. The atmosphere was very lively, and everyone was looking forward to getting the latest news of the industry and seizing the new opportunity of ETH2.0.

Mr. Liao Shunxi, the chairman of Yunzun Group, delivered the opening speech, followed by a wonderful speech by Piao Mingxing, the founder of ETF, introducing the origin of ETF. It will be the only pass through in the ETF ecosystem as well as full realization of shopping, social, games, entertainment, culture, finance and other scenes of circulation.

Mr. Gem, the Dean of All-in Institute, shared his views at the conference.He pointing out the importance of the practical application scenario for the future development of the blockchain, and analyzing the current national planning for the blockchain from a professional point of view.All of our assets will likely be digitized in the next few years.In addition, blockchain technology will permeate every corner of our lives. The president’s so wonderful speech that caused the entire audience’s resonance and the scene atmosphere also becomes lively.

The conference also held discussions with participants on issues such as “The new Enlightenment of the Ethereum 2.0 Era” and “How Capital Can Help ETH2.0”. Each blockchain leaders also expressed their views on the issues. Furthemorethe sharp views of the big names on the scene won plaudits from the audience.

At the conference, Mr. Yang Xiu of Henghe Assets and Mr. Liao Shunxi of Etheric Fund held a signing ceremony, both sides show a strong joint together for the development of block chain ETH2.0.

Subsequently, in the presence of the witness, the only certificate ETF of the Etheric Fund launches globally. With the help of the Ethereal Fund, ETH2.0 will be developed in five industries, such as finance, Super Red APP, game, industry and finance.

Finally,  Andy took the stage to share his thoughts on the blockchain and interact with his fans.

No matter in the topic depth, guest lineup, media quantity and other aspects, this Global Developer Technology Innovation Forum are the toppest in the blockchain industry. The meeting paved the way for the arrival of the ETH2.0 era. With the strength, influence and support of the industry elite, the leaders expressed their views and helped everyone to understand more industry trends and development opportunities.It is also an important inspiration for the future digital transformation.

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