Elders Suffering from Lower Back Pain May Find In-Home Care Helpful

Elders Suffering from Lower Back Pain May Find In-Home Care Helpful

As a person ages, it’s only natural to feel aches and pains. There are several reasons back pain may occur as a person ages. While this is true, there are several things a senior, their family, and even in-home care services can do to help prevent and minimize this pain.

Reasons for Pain in the Spine and Lower Back

A person’s spine is a column that consists of 33 bones that stretch from the tailbone to the skull and that encases the spinal cord. The bones of the spinal column, also called the vertebrae, are linked by facets, which are tiny joints. In between these joints are discs that are filled with jelly-like substances that act as a cushion. There are rope-like ligaments that help to stabilize the spine. There are several causes of back pain after the age of 50, which include the things listed below.

Degenerative Changes in the Joints and Discs  

As a person ages, a loss of resilience and moisture often occur. This makes the discs much less effective as a shock absorber. This can cause a significant amount of pain.

Spinal Stenosis

The canal a person’s spinal cord passes may become narrower because of disc degeneration, arthritic facet joints, or thickened ligaments. This usually occurs in the lower back.


This is another common, age-related spinal issue. It occurs when one of the spinal vertebrae slips forward to the vertebra under it.

Easing Back Pain

Any of the conditions above may cause pressure or inflammation on the nerves and pain. If this happens, there are several things that can be done. This is also something that Right Accord Home Health Care can assist with.

Increase Physical Activity

Motion is good for the spine. The more active a person is, the better they will feel. Seniors should try to remain active. When they do this, they will bounce back much sooner from back pain.

Consider Physical Therapy

Physicians can recommend a back-healthy exercise program to help a senior improve their strength while improving flexibility, and balance. Once prescribed, a home health worker from a nearby https://rightaccordfranchise.com/ location can ensure the exercises are done properly. When a senior strengthens their abdominal and back muscles (this is called their body’s core) it will make the spine much more resilient.

Take the Proper Medications

NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications), such as aspirin, naproxen, ibuprofen, and even acetaminophen may help reduce inflammatory pain. Pulsed dosing, which means taking the medicine consistently two to three times each day for five to 10 days, even after the pain goes away is a reasonable solution.

This is also something that https://rightaccordfranchise.com/contact-home-care-franchise-right-accord/ can aid with.

Finding the Right Solutions for Senior Back Pain

For senior back pain, there are several solutions to consider. Hiring an in-home health care aid may be a smart solution to this serious problem. Be sure to find the right service provider to achieve the desired results, regardless of what that may be.

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