The Lightest Rolling Walker in the World launched on Indiegogo

To many, part of getting older is having to deal with mobility issues. ByACRE is a Scandinavian-based startup that has designed and developed the Carbon Ultralight Rolling Walker. Its unique design has won the RED DOT design award, among others, and is testament to the company’s innovativeness and passion towards building a device that enables people to maintain an active lifestyle, regardless of their age.

“43% of aging people report that they feel lonely on a daily basis and it is often a result from social isolation due to reduced mobility. At the same time, we know that the current aging generation are much more active and adventurous as the generation before them. So how do these two things fit together? After 2 years of producing rollators and learning about our users, we’ve learned that the use of mobility aids is very stigmatized and directly connected to a person’s sense of self and self-image,” says Anders Berggreen, Founder of byACRE.

Customers often reach out to the company to let them know how the walker has made an impact on their life. 

”I am at the point where the concept of a walker is a stark reality. All walkers I have looked at in the US look flimsy, medical, screaming that I am becoming more disabled, and make me feel even more self conscious and lower my self-esteem even more. Your products set the standard. Now I feel I can get out and start moving again with confidence, pride, joy, not shame, feeling less than adequate, and embarrassed. This is HUGE for me,” says Sara from the US.

Carbon Ultralight Rolling Walker is the lightest walker in the world and has been recognized for its innovative and unique design. This revolutionary new walker has already enhanced the lives of many. While the device has garnered rave reviews across Europe, the company is now looking for funds to introduce Carbon Ultralight to the US.

Mobility is one of the core values in modern life. That’s why we want to contribute toward it and give you the tools you need to keep moving – so you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. We believe we’ve made something where aesthetics and functionality go hand-in-hand. All our solutions are carefully designed and engineered in the heart of Scandinavia.”

Some of the innovative features of the Carbon Ultralight Rolling Walker include hidden brake cables, ergonomic handles, easy height adjustment, a sturdy, shock-absorbing frame, and soft wheels for smooth operation. The walker also features a sleek, compact and foldable design. The early backers of the lightest rolling walker ever made will get a discounted price of $469 with the Early Bird Package. The Rolling Walker is expected to be shipped out in December 2019 to Canada and the United States.

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Company Name: ByACRE
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