Bi-Racial Teen Chooses to Start Unique Business Rather than Sue School District over Racial Bullying Case

With the help of his father, 14 year old JeNoah has set up a Crowdfunding Campaign to help set up a business designed to combat racism.

Alliance, OH – 14 year old JeNoah no longer attends school. After a full year of being relentlessly bullied by a classmate, there was no other choice for his parents but to remove him from the situation and have him home schooled. Investigations were conducted into the racially-motivated bullying incidents, but no action was taken. Eventually JeNoah’s father hired an attorney to take legal proceedings against the school district, which was refusing to cooperate.

Being home schooled is not the ideal situation for JeNoah, a usually happy, sociable teen who misses hanging out with his friends. The adjustment certainly took its toll, not just on JeNoah, but on his whole family too.

But this remarkable young man has made a decision to turn his back on the negative experiences he has endured, and turn it into something positive. Having always been interested in fashion, he came up with the idea for an empowering clothing brand, and URBAN Stereotype was born.

“I stopped all legal proceedings to help JeNoah get his idea off the ground,” says JeNoah’s father, Ya’Hawkquah. “It was difficult for me to drop the case after the three years of work I’d put into the case, but JeNoah inspired me to focus on the positive. I honestly believe that his ideas can help change the world.”

URBAN Stereotype is unique apparel brand that supports cultural and ethnic diversity. With the idea of creating a concept where people would feel good about who they are, the clothing designs offer a variety of positive quotes and sayings.

The company’s logo was actually created by JeNoah himself. Iconic in both appearance and symbolism, not only does the logo stand for URBAN Stereotype, it also spells out the word ‘Us.’  

“This is significant for two reasons,” JeNoah explains.  “One reason is because our slogan is ‘Feelin’ good about Us.’  And another significant aspect is that the ‘Us’ represents two groups of people – not only those who experience ethnic and racial stereotyping, but also ALL racial groups who are against these negative behaviors.”

A Crowdfunding Campaign has been set up to help fund the new business. The campaign is attracting a great deal of attention from people of different ethnic groups who are excited about the URBAN Stereotype concept and idea.

“We feel we are the first brand dedicated to bridging a gap for positive diversity,” Ya’Hawkquah concludes. “Please help us get the business up and running. We’d be so grateful for any support you could provide.”

For more information, visit the website at, or help change the world with your contribution at

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